Tuesday Tunes- New Albums

Hey guys, this week I'm going give you a heads up on some new music that you need to hear.  I've been waiting for a few albums to come out, and I'm pretty excited that some are finally released.

The album I was most excited for is the new Yeasayer, "Fragrant World."  As soon as I heard the opening track "Fingers Never Bleed," I quickly got excited to hear the rest of the album.  Yeasayer has this ability to mix so many different styles in to their music that it's hard to find a song you dislike.
Next, Anchor & Braille "The Quiet Life" which came out just a few weeks ago.  A&B is helmed by Anberlins vocalist, Stephen Christian.  I saw see these guys a while ago on a tour, and at the time it was just acoustic guitar and Stephen singing.  I was unimpressed.  Then their first album grew on me over time, and I have been listening to this new album much more.  I'm really impressed by it, and I'm thankful that it is quite far from anything Anberlin.  It has a Copeland feel to it, which is fine by me.  One of my favorite songs off the new record is "Knew Then Know Now."
Lastly is a band called Ponderosa.  Their new album "Pool Party" is extremely musically and lyrically good, and I especially love their artwork.  I can be such a sucker for albums with good artwork.  The title track is one of my favorites.
Hope you are having a great week so far.  Feel free to let us know of some new music coming out that we need to hear!  -Brian


  1. I definitely need to check out the new Yeasayer album (they're coming here soon!), and the Anchor and Braille album! I'm also really excited for the solo album from Ben Gibbard to come out, as well as the new Stars LP!

    Have a great day, girl!

  2. Love your Music posts!! I started listening to the Yeasayer album yesterday and was a bit disappointed to be honest, but I need to give it another chance. Bloc Party just released a new album too - haven't listened yet, but I'm sure its good!

  3. I am fortunate to work for a company that gets lots of freebies and I got the Yeasayer album a couple of weeks ago and was quite amazed. I love it more than the last album. I will have to check the others out.

  4. You should check out my brothers band Crash of Rhinos.




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