Engagement Photos #2

all photos by Jeremy Kramer
 After shooting in a studio Brian, Jeremy, Andrew, and I headed to our favorite ice-cream shop, Schneider's.  It's in Bellevue, where we want to live after the wedding.  My dad's family is from Bellevue, and my grandma used to take me to Schneiders very often as a child.  Just the smell walking in makes me all giddy.  I'm sentimental.  After a bird pooped on my head Brian cleaned it off, we recovered, and took our ice creams a few blocks to sit on a bench in front of our church where we're getting married!!!  I'll share one more engagement post tomorrow then back to our regularly scheduled programming.  xo, Mallory


  1. you look older than him. sorry!

    1. I know it, he has such a young face! He's about two years older than I am though, so it's totally fine :)

  2. Aww, these photos are so sweet and fun! Sorry about the bird poop...glad you recovered from it :)

  3. Aw you two are a great couple, this pics are lovely


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