Engagement Photos #3 (& final)

I was a jerk and told Jeremy not to make this one ^ too cheesy.  Of course I should have trusted him because it is a BEYOND beautiful shot!!!  The lighting is perfection.

After our stroll around Bellevue we headed to the Bellevue Beach Park for some shots during sunset.  We entered a 'No Trespassing' area to get downtown Cinci in the background.  Then we went down some really rickety stairs (on private property still) for the ones where we're standing on rocks in the Ohio River.  We're so rebellious :)

Thanks again Jeremy and Andrew!  We are so in love with these photos!  Love, Mallory & probably Brian, too


  1. well after the 3 parts of your engagement photos, part 2 and part 3 are my favs. Such a wonderful pics and like i said you two are a great couple

  2. I love seeing Cinci in the background! I LOVE having bloggers from Ohio like me! :)


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