Outfit- Wavy Hairs

I have been growing my hair out for a while (mostly for my wedding).  It's right at that super annoying length where I want to chop it off to be above my shoulders.  In a ponytail it tickles my neck.  When it's down there's a weird flippy thing at my shoulders.  To keep from making a haircut appointment last week I curled my hair, brushed it out, and for an afternoon I loved my wavy hair.

Oh, I also wore some clothes while my hair was all wavy.  Sweater is J. Crew, jeans are Michael Kors, boots are Guess (via TJ Maxx),  and necklace is vintage.

Hair can be such a weirdly bothersome thing.  On another note, I truly love this beautiful Kentucky fall and my mom's Halloween decor.  Photos also by my mega awesome mom.  xo, Mallory

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  1. I just did a post about how bored and annoyed I am with my own hair. I know how you feel. This is the longest mine's been since I was 13!

    xo Ashley


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