196 Days

I just checked my countdown app.  It is 196 days until I marry Brian!!!!!  Until then I will blog, work on projects for A Beautiful Mess, style assist at MyHabit, launch my Mallory online store, go to Disney World, create my senior collection, graduate with my bachelors degree, finish wedding projects, and have some fun in between.  It's going to be a very full 196 days!  Love, Mallory

p.s. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers/thoughts for my family after I shared online that I lost a cousin last night.  I have some encouraging friends, family, and followers.


  1. 272 until I marry my Liam! It's such an exciting time :) scary though! All the projects we're going to have to do... eek! Sounds like a great year you have ahead of you :) xx


  2. You have an exciting 196 days! And of course all the days after that!

  3. Love all that you have going on in your life! So exciting. :) I saw your pretty face over in the photos of Friendsgiving. That looked like such a fun time!

    Still praying for you and your family. I know it's hard. <3

  4. I just happened across you lovely blog and I'm your newest follower. You have wonderful pictures and I can't wait to see more!

    Xo, Kelsey


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