Celebrating Andy Fausz

 Shadow of my Former Self, by Andy Fausz
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I lost my cousin Andy last week.  I don't want this to be a sad post, I just wanted to share some of his artwork.  This is my celebration of how talented he was and how much he loved his daughter, Viola.  She was his whole world.  You can read this article about how his artwork embodied his struggle to gain custody and his beliefs that faith, sincere kindness, and personal reflection can make the world a more beautiful place.
Use to Be a Family... No Longer, by Andy Fausz
Here is my favorite quote Andy said about his art, "My images come naturally and subconsciously; they reflect what I had lived, thought, experienced. My art breathes on its own; it urges me to partake in the goodness of life."  He was the most beautiful and kind soul I have ever met.  He made a great mark on this world.  Love, Mallory


  1. This is beautiful Mallory . What a wonderful tribute.


  2. Andy and I had a beautiful daughter, Viola. That article is from 2009, since then Andy and I have come together to raise Viola as best as we could. Without my fuel for his fire, these would have never been made. Viola, her sisters and I, we Are his muse.

  3. Mallory this beautiful! I know Andy from our days working at BP he drew me a beautiful portrait of Marilyn Manson as a Christmas Gift we were such great friends & we went our seperate ways but I ran into him last year & he did the best photography Tatt on my arm that I will cherish forever! I met his little daughter Viola and she is so precious,I didnt realize he lived right around the corner from me,you will be missed my longtime friend,Tammy Ford Montgomery


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