Christmas Playlist 2012

We skipped our Tuesday Tunes this week to make a Christmas Playlist (for last years, click through to listen).  Okay, maybe we're two days early for Christmas season, but in the words of the ever wise Lauren Ritter, "Why not extend Christmas?  It's the happiest time of the year!"  We like to think it's a good blend of indie artists, classic crooners, and just for fun songs.  We've been listening to it all morning!  Love, Mallory & Brian!


  1. great list! I love holiday music! I prob could listen to it all year.


  2. I love it! bookmarking this for later. Where I am we don't celebrate halloween or thanksgiving, so it's been christmas season since september! nothing wrong with that.

  3. Great playlist! I love Christmas music, the older/cheesier the better :) This weekend I found a Bing Crosby White Christmas record for 50p! I was also given an old Fidelity record player from my step-Grandma, so I am VERY excited to play this when we put the tree up this week! xx



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