Halloween Partying

As you can probably see, Halloween this year was really fun!  We went out with Lauren (Rosie the Riveter) and T.J. (Tinkie Winkie the Teletubby) on Saturday night.  We ate at Red Robin in costumes, went to a party, met up with my sisters, and then met up with some other friends.  Of course the night ended with a group decision that we were sleepy and needed some White Castles.  I know "ew, gross," but I love them.  Tonight was a much calmer family trick or treat gathering.  I hope your Halloween was equally fun.  If you blogged your costume I'd love to see it!! xo, Mallory

P.S. Lauren's perfect lipstick is NARS Red Lizard, and we were both wearing a Sephora eyeshadow kit for smoky eyes.  I love their shadow kits that have instructions & pictures.


  1. you two are such a great couple, i love this pics so much :)

  2. You are too fun :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Hey! I was Rosie the Riveter too! :)
    Well, for one night. I dressed up twice for at dance classes the week of Halloween. The other night I was a newsie. :)


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