Tuesday Tunes- Lucy Rose

Last week I posted my first Tuesday Tunes, but today Brian is taking over for me.  He's much better at finding new music than I am.  He gave me like 4 possibilities I hadn't heard before deciding on Lucy Rose.  So, here is what he has to say...
Lucy Rose is a singer/songwriter from the UK.  She made her first appearance on Bombay Bicycle Club's album, Flaws.  In November she released her first EP, Scar.  Supposedly she's working on a full length, due out later this year.  Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful than a girl playing guitar and singing along with beautiful melody.  I'm excited to hear what she comes up with in the future.

p.s. I totally love her look. xo, Mallory



Today I'm shooting & cleaning. Then I'm going to spend the rest of the night laying in bed reading! Restful, productive Sundays bring down my stress levels.

Xo, Mallory


Hair: Pigtail buns!

Sometimes you just need to wear your hair in pigtail buns.  Maybe you even need to tie a bow around just one of them!  What I'm trying to say is that you should take chances with your look!!!  To balance out the statement hair I wore a simple top (this one actually) that you could barely see my black brassiere through, dark blue jeans, a sparkly pendant necklace, and black flats.

As a rule I try to make 1 big and maybe 1 minor statement.  Then I go simple with the rest so it's not a shock to the senses.

:) Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Jeremy Larson

I really love music, and I bet you do as well, right?  Because we all love music I decided to start a weekly feature all about it, and I've decided to call it Tuesday Tunes.  To start off my new feature on the best foot possible I'm going to feature a friend, Jeremy Larson.  What do I say about Jeremy... he and Elsie let me live with them for a total of 22 weeks in 2011, he is incredibly encouraging, drinks a ton of Americanos, and is one of the most talented musicians like, ever.  I was lucky enough to witness the rehearsals & show he had at the Gillioz last year.  It was super magical and inspiring (I took the photo below then).

You can check out his cinematic style music here on his site.  You should also buy his Fort Christmas album here, it's only $5!  Although it's his and Elsie's love story, the lyrics have a simple, honest quality that takes me back to the early days of beginning to fall in love with Brian.  I listen to it at least once a week!

Have fun checking out his beautiful music.
Love, Mallory


A New Blogging Direction

I haven't been around much lately.  Mostly because I was figuring out what direction I wanted to focus on.  For a while I thought I would try to become a DIY blog with focus on teaching readers to make stuff that would fit with my own personal style.  I started working on my blog makeover and when I tried designing my banner I felt stuck into this pigeonhole of "DIY."  Then I thought more and realized that although I enjoy making things, I would rather focus on living a beautiful life and letting you see how I infuse my personal style along the way.

That being said I decided that I'll be posting photos from my world including:
Outfits including the boy, mom, Madison... anyone else I think is awesome.
Weekend adventures
My work including: illustrations, sewn things, school, etc.
Interior decor stuff occasionally.  My mom is like a decor God.
DIYs when I really fall in love with an idea
Some beauty stuff, hopefully including makeup with Jill
Music I enjoy.
Lust Lists will also make a roaring return.

Now that I have verbalized my plan I feel invigorated and excited again!  I'm going to start focusing like this immediately, but it will make much more sense after I the redesign!  Thank you so much for your continuing support and dedicated readership.  I can't tell you how much it means to me!
Love, Mallory


Current Endeavors

 Now that the holidays are over, my sister is married, and my bedroom is cleaned I have time to focus on My Winter Goals.  The first 2 I'm tackling are Lauren's wedding invites and my CFDA scholarship project.  I finished the bicycle for 2 graphic for Lauren on Monday in Illustrator and the next step is to figure out wording and layout!  Easy Peasy.

The CFDA project has hit a bump in the road.  I've sorta, kinda, maybe decided to start from scratch.  Well, maybe not from the very beginning, but I'm redoing all of the garment designs.  Never fear.  I loved the collection I was working on (you can see that here) but I felt like the designs weren't exactly where they needed to be to win this particular competition.  I have a focused idea now and sketches that are on the right track. Hopefully.  So, tonight I say goodnight because I'm going to work my booty off on this project :)

Love as Always, Mallory

p.s. Would you be interested if I started selling my original fashion illustration?


What's in My Makeup Bag?

A bit more than a year ago I didn't know much about makeup.   So, I started researching online, trying stuff out, and talking with friends.  Here are the things I always carry in my makeup bag, though I add and subtract some special things for weekends and special events.

Here's what I carry:
Moisturizer: Lush Imperialis because no one likes dry flakies.
 Foundation: Clinique Acne Solutions I don't feel guilty using it because it has salicylic acid (Thanks Jill!)
For my dark circles: Garnier Skin Renewal concealer to cover purple tones & then Make Up For Ever concealer on top to lighten (in a 1 cuz I'm a paley palerson).
Cheeks: Maybelline Fit Blush, Benefit High Beam
Lips: I only use Nars and Burts Bees on my lips.  Niagra is my everyday favorite!
Eyes: as a basic liner I use Cover Girl Perfect Point, for cateyes I use Line Stiletto eyeliner (not pictured), & my favorite Mascara is Maybelline Volum Express One by One.  I use dark brown for eyeliners because black is too contrasty on my skin.

My super cute makeup bag was made by me when Elsie and I were writing our DIY Dress Up E-Course.  You can learn to make one here for yourself!
Thanks for taking a peek into my bag ;)


Plans- Makeovers and Flashbacks

I'm not big into the New Years Resolution thing because I think goals are something you need to make your mind up about and then just go after.  However, there is something about that new beginning that makes me want to refresh certain aspects of life.  I have a hair appointment Saturday, I want to clean out my closet, I want to shop (to replace the donated items, duh!), and I want to design/sketch more!

Before I get too ahead of myself though, here are my 2011 highlights:
I worked for Red Velvet twice and fully loved the experience!  I fully realized that I want to spend every minute of forever with Brian.  My best friends got engaged, my nephew Beckett was born, and my sister Brittany got married!  Then recently I realized I only have 1 more co-op (during which I'll probably be self employed) so I'll not have to move away from family and my beloved Cincinnati again!

Love, Mallory


Outfit: My Red Vintage Coat

 Today I awoke to a surprise snowfall and it was beautiful.  Brian and I thought it would be a perfect day to take some photos of our vintage coats.  It hasn't been below 40 F yet so we had high hopes, until we went outside...

Apparently it was below freezing, so after Brian took just a few of my red coat we literally ran inside.  I suppose we'll have to save his coat for another day.  Then on my usual 40min drive from Brian's to home it surprisingly snowed more and my commute took about 3 hours of slip sliding on the interstate.  Super scary!

So, I must say that I hope you all stay very safe (and warm) this winter.
Love, Mallory