Studio Progress

 My mom and I have been painting, organizing, and donating up a storm lately.  We decided to move the old art studio from a spare bedroom into a large unused basement room where it will be next to the sewing room.  Effectively we be combined 3 rooms into one much more organized space.

 We have done a lot of stopping at craft stores, Target, Ikea, and Walmart searching for organizational containers.  We found everything we needed except a good pencil holder.  They were either small, expensive, or a carousel.  I guess we're picky!  So, the other day I picked up this bamboo placemat and black foam core for a total of $6.  I did some measuring, cutting, sanding, and hot gluing to end up with this skinny divided pencil holder.  Yeah!

 We're pretty excited about the progress.  All that's left is a bit more load in, painting an old table, and building our cutting table.  Woo Hoo!

Love Mallory & Darlene too!


Outfit- Red Velvet, Flower Shop Dress!

As I mentioned Tuesday in my post script, Brian and I went to see Merriment, Tallhart, and Eisley this past Saturday.  Since it felt springy outside I decided to go full-on floral and wear my Flower Shop dress.  This was my favorite of the dresses from the Red Velvet fall line.  Then again, I really enjoyed patterning and sewing them!  You can see where I sewed the tag into mine in this post!

Outfit details:
dress- Red Velvet :)
pleather pants- H&M
earrings- Lia Sophia
sunnies & handbag- Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag (bag gift from RV)
 belt- came with some shorts

 When it's spring I want to wear florals and pink all the time!  Do you have anything special you want to wear as soon as the weather gets above 60?
Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Tallhart

 Hello friends.  It's Tuesday again, and you've probably been waiting hours upon hours at your computer for me to post the current installment of Tuesday Tunes.  Well, the time is now.  No longer do you need to wait. 
 Over the weekend Mallory and I went and saw Eisley, Tallhart, and Merriment.  After watching Tallhart live, I decided I had to tell you about them.  I knew of Tallhart by their former name of Marksmen.  Once I found out they were playing this show, I knew I had to go.  I didn't know they had changed their name or even that they recently came out with a new album.  So, I downloaded Sister of Mine, which dropped in January, and have not listened to anything else since.  From the first song to the final, I am hooked.
Every word sang, is so heartfelt and honest, it's hard not to find something to relate to on the album. The singer is pretty open with his words, and never really seems to have too many hidden meanings, like a lot of the other artists I listen to.  I always enjoy when someone is willing to be completely honest, and still sing in front of a crowd of people.

 Then once we actually got to see them, to hear how good they are live, and witness how the singer really means everything he sings, my respect for them grew. One of my favorite parts of any band is the drummer (probably because I've always wanted to learn), and their drummer, Reed, blends his style in so well with each jam.  Do yourself a favor and get their new album, and also find all the Marksmen stuff.  It is well worth it.  Here is one of my favorite songs off the new album, Sister of Mine.  Enjoy:


p.s. from Mallory.  I really loved the show Saturday, too.  I've listened to Eisley since early high school, and now that I know Stacy I felt like we HAD to go to their show.  It was nice to see Darren and Stacy, but then each band was awesome.  It is a rare thing to enjoy every band in a line-up!


Outfit: Cinders

Last week, on one of my spring break days, I set up to take outfit photos in my living room.  My cat, Cinders, decided that she was not going to get up off the sofa.  So, I thought I'd count her as an accessory.  She's a beautiful gray color which means she matches everything ;)

Here are my outfit details:
blouse- Old Navy
trousers- Tory Burch
wedges- Me Too (They're cushioned AND wedges so they're attractive but comfy!)
bracelet- gift from my mom :)

 Tomorrow I go back to school for a 10 week quarter.  I'm now a year and two months from graduation, not that I'm counting down or anything...
Love, Mallory!


Adventures with Madison

This past weekend I had the privilege of babysitting my boyfriend's little sister, Madison.  Who doesn't love a little girl time?  First, we hit up Target and someone said they needed to have the mini version of my heart sunglasses, and at $4 I had to oblige :)

After Target we thought the park was a good idea, but it almost always is. Someone took maybe 4 photos of me then said "I don't like being a photographer, I'd rather be the model."  I guess that's fine though because who wouldn't fall in love with her little freckles and dimples.

Since we were two girls at a park we decided picking wilflowers was a great idea too.  Madison ended up with a handful of the teeniest flowers ever!  We had a great afternoon until Brian got off work, then we all had an even better evening playing mini-golf, mini-bowling, and getting frozen yogurt.  Some days are just perfect.
Love, Mallory & little Madison


Tuesday Tunes- Of Monsters and Men

Hey there friends! It is that day of the week again, Tuesday, probably one of my least favorite days of the week.  It's the day I go back to work, and nothing fun happens on Tuesdays.  At least I get to share some new music with you!
(source of type)  
This weeks feature is a band called Of Monsters & Men, hailing from far, far away in Iceland.  They officially became a band in 2010, signed a deal in 2011, and have recently gotten some positive attention here in the US.  It wasn't but a few weeks ago when one of my friends was telling me to check out their stuff.  I instantly got hooked.  Sure, I've only got the 4 song EP, Into The Woods, but it's amazing!  Good news is they have a new album dropping April 3rd, called My Head Is An Animal.  The songs will more than likely be good enough to blow your face up.
The song that has helped get them some attention is Little Talks.  It's upbeat, fun, and musically, great.  Enjoy, Brian!

Movie Day with Mom

 This week my mom and I are redecorating the basement to be a studio space.  Yesterday my aunt came over and we painted all day.  Today, however, we had a lazy day and watched our three favorite chick flicks.

 I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you are babysitting a grumpy gus?  Or I guess I should say, a super cute little nephew that doesn't like to be sat down alone, ever.

 Let's just say it is a very good day. We have a Meg Ryan crush I suppose.
Love, Mallory


It may just be in my head, but when I saw this photo of 60s model Francoise Hardy in a Paco Rabanne dress on Pinterest I had to do a double-take.  I thought it was me.  Do you think we kinda resemble each other?  By the way she had great style, so Google Image this girl after you're all caught up here ;)
Just curious, Mallory


Adventures with Brian- Vintage shopping in Springfield

I just found these photos from when Brian and I visited Springfield a month ago.  After having breakfast at Gailey's we headed out to my favorite vintage stores in town like Funtiques and ended up at Relics, which I had never been to!  It had some of the midcentury and sewing things I always look for as well as the industrial and vintage military things Brian loves.

Brian ended up buying some beautiful bentwood auditorium chairs.  I bought some cute puzzles (girl directly above and a boy), a few small things, and a vintage Star Wars shirt for my nephew!  Sadly I had to leave that giant mint desk and the metal Barbie Thermos.  Broke my heart.

 Later that night was the goodbye party at Red Velvet for the Denbows.  It was nighttime and none of my pictures really turned out fantastic, but I had to post this one with my girl Missy.  I really, really enjoyed working with her & having conversations with her every night last summer at Red Velvet.  She's in Korea now teaching kids English.  How amazing is she?!

Love, Mallory

Tuesday Tunes: Brian's Beats Springbreak 2012

 Hello friends!  Here in Ohio & Kentucky, this past week it has been sunny and in the 60s. This time of year always has me excited.  There's no more snow, you get to spend time outside, and baseball season starts!

As I mentioned last week, I'm throwing up a playlist that goes along with the recent nice weather.  These are songs that always help put me in a good mood.  As I was making this, I pictured what I would put on a playlist for Mallory and I to listen to as we went on a day date that included thrifting, a music shop, and ice cream.  Not only do I hope you enjoy, I hope it makes you want to go outside and party.

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Outfit: Folk & Feather Feature

My friend Betsy and her friend Becki have a blog titled Folk & Feather.  Right after Betsy started the blog and I posted about it here.  Since then she has expanded the blog talking about their nightlife adventures, their favorite fashion collections, and other fashionistas in the Cincinnati area.  Cool girl all over, love it!

 Well today she did a post about my blog!  Go read it over there.  Here's what I wore when my mom shot some photos so I could sent one over to Betsy:
swiss dot shirt- So old I can't remember
suspenders- vintage
jeans- Urban Outfitters
shoes- Seychelles

I love having pals that blog too :)
xoxo, Mallory
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