It's the Little Things

 The little things truly are the ones that make me the happiest.  The most beauty in life come from the details such as: fresh flowers, my favorite lunch, beds of succulents, a surprise gift from a friend, and antique photos of my Grandma.  What are the little things you have noticed today?

xo, Mallory


What a Man Wears: Spring Layers

 Here in Greater Cincinnati the weather has been a bit unpredictable for weeks now.  I'm failing at dressing properly because I honestly do not like layers.  For this reason I'm anxiously awaiting summer so I can wear sundresses and tank tops every day.  Brian however, tends to be a master in transitional layering.  He loves fall and spring.  It baffles me.

A few weeks ago he allowed me to capture some of his layering techniques for you all.  I think it was a date night...  that may be wrong though.  Here are his outfit details:
tee- Hanes, of course
shirt & jeans- Old Navy
vest, sunglasses, & shoes- Urban Outfitters
watch- Flud from Urban Outftters, from my parents for Christmas

I love that his style is completely his own.  Even when I told him I didn't like the vest he bought it.  He was completely right; he pulls it off.

:) Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Watch Listen Tell

 This week I'm going to show you some of my favorite performances from Watch Listen Tell.  They are a You Tube channel that consists of videos of artists performing broken down, acoustic versions of their songs.  I think what's so great about their videos is the way they get the artist to make it feel geniunely intimate, but also fun on occasion.  Most times are they are filmed in random places such as parks, backyards, playgrounds, etc.  The first time I discovered Watch Listen Tell, I sat on youtube for atleast an hour just cruising through all their work.  Everything is always so beautifully filmed to go along with the song.  It's always inspiring to watch.
 The first is Villagers "Becoming A Jackal", one of my favorite songs. This video just blows the original, recorded version out of the water. At least in my humble opinion.
The next is Dry The River "Bible Belt". I had never heard of these guys until I saw this video, and I have still yet to even hear much more of their music, but this song is enough to hook me.
The last is Hey Rosetta! "Young Glass". This band keeps things upbeat, rather than slowing them down like most of the performances on Watch Listen Tell, and I think it pays tribute to the original pretty well.
Hope you enjoyed those! -Brian

School Studio- Knitting Edition

 Last spring I shared photos of my draping/sewing studio at school (University of Cincinnati, DAAP) so you could get a feel for the place I spend so much time at.  Well, today I'm sharing photos of my new, machine knitting studio!  It is a huge space with lots of window and an industrial loft sort of feeling.  My favorite part is the yarn wall.

 This is my classmate Megan pinning down her swatches in order to block, or steam, them into the desired shape.

Thanks for taking a visit there with me!  I've been spending a LOT of time there, because unlike sewing I cannot afford a knitting machine to do my work at home.  However,  since the first 4 weeks of class have already passed I feel like we're progressing so fast!  We have already mastered the basic knitting, shaping, and finishing techniques and yesterday we began to take on patterns and specialty stitches.  I think we will be working on felting this Friday!

If  you feel the need to learn more about machine knitting this is the book we use:
Love, Mallory


Outfit- Best Friend's Wedding Shower

 Last weekend was the first of Lauren's wedding showers.  How cute are she and T.J.?  I just can't believe my best friends are getting married in 7 short weeks!  I got her all of the closet organization things we registered her for (yes, T.J. asked me help to register with Lauren for all of the decor stuff).  Plus, a cute t-shirt with watercolor birds on it to go in her new closet.

 Here's what I wore to the shower:
swiss dot blouse- Kohl's at least 6 years ago
tee- Old Navy
skirt- Jason Wu for Target, a gift from my mom
shoes- Payless
watch- Fossil Stella, Christmas gift

 Thanks to my mom for taking my outfit photos!  Thanks to you, yes you reading this, for being awesome!

xoxo, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Music Apps!

Hi!  It's Tuesday, and I had plans to originally show you some of my favorite album artwork this week.  Then just a few days ago I downloaded a new music app and thought it would be much more fun to show a couple of my favorite music related apps.
My first is one called Band Of The Day.  Actually Mallory's sister Sarah told me to download it.  They post a new band every day, but what's so great?  It gives you everything you could want to know about the band: bios, reviews, videos, albums, etc.  You can even press the little play symbol and sample about 6 songs for free.  They even have a page called Buzz which gives you tweets from twitter users about the band or artist.  This such a great app for anyone who really loves finding new music.
The next app is Daytrotter.  If you happen to not know what Daytrotter is, it's a studio/company who brings in bands or musicians and records 3 or 4 live songs of the artist and releases them to the public.  I love hearing live songs much more than studio, so it's really great.  Occasionally you'll get acoustic versions or a song that has a few variances from the original studio verison which is always fun.  They also have an in-house illustrator that draws all of the musicians.  It used to be completely free, but they now charge a $2/month fee, which is still completely worth it.  Some of my favorites include Colour Revolt, O'Brother, and Copeland.
The next and final app is what caused me to switch my blog subject for the week.  It's called Figure.  I downloaded it just a few days ago and have spent way more time on that I should have.  I was up until 2 a.m. last night playing with it.  Basically it gives you the ability to create your own music, digitally.  You have the ability to create a full song in just a few minutes.  The layout is super simple. So for those of you who aren't musically inclined or haven't ever messed with music software, don't be afraid, it's very user friendly.  It also only costs 99 cents in the app store.  The only downfall is there is no way to save your songs or share them with others since it's only the first version.  Hopefully this is something they'll add for later versions.   It is a great way to pass the time if you are waiting to meet someone or anything like that.
I was really excited for this post.  Enjoy!


Knitwear Class

This quarter my fashion design class is knitwear. Knitwear, as in I'm designing and knitting a garment on a knitting machine. First though we have to learn how to use the machines. I'm only working on swatches, but I can tell you already that I miss my sewing machine.

We have a really cool studio though! I'll share some photos of it this week sometime.


Childrens Wear Re-shoot

Two years ago, one of my first real fashion projects was to make a childrens wear look.  I decided to do two looks, and was incredibly happy with both!  Madison (Brian's sister) and my cousin Paxton modeled for me.  Now that I'm in Portfolio class I decided that I needed better quality photos.  Since the girls are both 2 years older there is no way Paxton will still fit into hers.  Madison's look however, had elastic and adjustable straps.  Half win!

I don't think I need to tell you that my model knocked it out of the park.  I love her so much!!!  I also love her mini-me hair.  Too bad she asked me to take the bun out as soon as I told her she could change.  Love, Mallory

Tuesday Tunes- Drive Soundtrack

 Hello friends.  This week I am going to introduce to you one of my favorite movie soundtracks/scores.  I hadn't really ever had as much interest in them in the past, but in the last year or so, I've paid a lot more attention to the music that's going along with the movie.  I think the new fondness comes from the realization that a cohesive score can truly enhance a plot.
One of my current favorites is from the movie Drive. It's got this 80s dance/trance thing going on that just all around fits. Certain points in the movie wouldn't come across as well if it was for this score  going along with it. My personal favorite is the song Nightcall that plays during the opening credits.I think once Nightcall kicks in, your ears tell you "This movie is going to be awesome."  The song, along with with the opening scene, really show you just how intense the movie is going to be.
 Another great song from Drive is "Under Your Spell" which is played during the elevator scene.  The sounds when he realizes this is a bad guy in the elevator with him and the girl... just perfect.  You can almost hear him saying in his head "Oh, I have to do something here."  Then the lyrics "I do nothing but think of you. You keep me under your spell" kick in.  They fit so well, because even though he knows there is a bad guy in there with him, he thinks of her first, and before he does anything to him, he kisses her.  Stop at 1:58 if you don't deal well with violence.

The last song I'm going to share is 'A Real Hero." Probably my second favorite song from this soundtrack. It, more than any, goes best with it's scene. During the 2 and a half minutes, you really can see that he is trying his best to their hero.
I hope you enjoyed this week's selection. I would love to hear some of your favorite soundtracks.


Artist Love- Jenna Blazevich

Jenna Blazevich was a classmate of mine the first few years of college, she was studying Fashion Design, too.  After a few quarters she decided to follow her heart and study Graphic Design back home in Chicago.  Although she was an amazing fashion designer I'm completely ecstatic that she followed her passion.  Her work is amazing, and every time I see her new work on social media I am continually amazed.  So, I had to share her work with you all, because you deserve to see the amazingness!

She has a somewhat newish Etsy shop where she sells prints, papercuts, and custom art.  You can also visit her website where you can find her contact info and some other work.

:) Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Our top 5 Songs

 This week Mallory asked me to list my 5 all time favorite songs, which has proven to be nearly impossible. I was somehow able to come up with 5 songs that I can listen to at any time. They are all older, but I think that defines a good song. Something I listened to in 2005 is still relevant with me today, and I think that says a lot.

As Cities Burn- The Widow
Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades
Colour Revolt- Circus
The Early November- The Truth Is...
Steel Train- Angelica

 Hi!  It's Mallory now.  I'm a bit (maybe a lot) more of a sap than Brian is, so most of my favorite songs remind me of sweet moments with Brian.  AWWW!  The first song he ever told me I needed to listen to was Brightest.  Of course I also had to throw in a song from The Postal Service, too because Give Up may possibly be my favorite album of my generation.

Copeland- Brightest
Bright Eyes- The First Day of my Life
Death Cab for Cutie- Passenger Seat
Bon Iver- Blood Bank
The Postal Service- We Will Become Silhouettes

Love, Mallory & Brian

Sun Flares are my Favorite

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