Best Friend's Wedding: Shower Part 2

 A few weeks ago T.J.'s parents threw a couples shower for Lauren & T.J.  Here are just a few snapshots!  The first is of course the bride & I!

Thumbs up for soon-to-be Uncle T.J.  Maddie loves him so much!

Then of course we have Brian and Brookbank trying to look muscular.

Last Saturday one of Brian's best friends got married, this Saturday will be Lauren's bachelorette, and next week is wedding week!  So, there will be more wedding posts than usual in the upcoming weeks.  I'm so excited, I love being maid of honor!!!!
xo, Mallory

Outfit- Swimming Season

Swimming season is here!!!!  Summer is my favorite!!!  I grew up with a pool in my yard, and spending every last moment swimming.  Now after my sisters and I are all grown up, we still return to our childhood home for a fantastic meal & all day in the sun every Sunday.

 A few weeks ago Swim Spot offered to send me a new bathing suit to review for this summer.  They carry all styles of designer swimwear.  I chose a mix and match gingham Guess bikini.  When I opened the package I was really surprised at how nice the fabric is.  It's a swimwear spandex, but the texture is similar to a seersucker gingham.  The top is so 50s perfect, and I love that the strap is detachable.  Ordering swimwear online usually scares me, but the fit is exactly what I wanted.

Thanks to my awesome mom for taking these photos!
 xo, Mallory

p.s. My knitwear critique went awesome today.  I'll post photos soon!


Tuesday Tunes- CIVILIAN

 Hey everyone!  I hope your Memorial Day weekend was awesome and filled with grilled food!  This week I'm going to introduce you to a great band called Civilian.  I first heard of these guys from a friend of mine in a band called Standing Small (they're having the Civilians singer record their album.  I'll probably do a feature on them in the future).  As soon as I listened to the song "Should This Noose Unloosen" I was blown away.  I first heard it while watching the music video and was so enamored by the story of the song/video together.  For me, it's hard to find a song (or any artistic piece for that matter) to really make me feel something.  Civilian has found a way to do that with most of their album.  I was a little surprised when I listened to the rest of the album.  They were a little more pop than I was expecting, and then a little more rock, and then a little more of everything else.  They blend so many styles together, and they do it well.

This video is for "Should This Noose Unloosen."  I suggest dedicating yourself to the story of the song and the video without any distraction.  I think you'll instantly fall in the love with the artistry of it all.  Do you guys have any songs/videos that you can always turn to?

 Hope you enjoyed this week.  You can find their album on itunes and Spotify.  I just recently started using Spotify, and I can't believe how great it is.


The End is Near (of this quarter)

 Daap is a crazy place this time of the  quarter.  We lovingly refer to the week before exams as Hell Week.  Why you ask?  Well, all major projects are due the week before exam week.
I am determined to not pull any all-nighters, or have any crying spells before my big knitwear critique on Wednesday at 3.  I can do this!  The image below is my project progress as of right now.  I'm going to set up a bit of a photo shoot space during the crit, so I can share all of the projects with you at the end, and my classmates have photos for their portfolios, too!

 Brian will be here tomorrow with Tuesday Tunes, but I will see you on the other side of this crit.
 xo, Mallory


Lust List

 It has been a long time since I last posted a Lust List, and I have really missed it!  Lately with school coming to a close I've been daydreaming about weekend roadtrips and camping.  My big vacation this year isn't until December, so I'm sure Brian and I will plan many day trips.  Here are some things I'd like to have so I can travel in style.

If there are men in your life like Brian or my dad, the car will be at lest 5 degrees below your own comfortable temperature.  So I like to wear layers like this Old Navy henley tank and pull-over.  Some cotton shorts like these Madewell chambray ones are the way to go!  Mega comfy but cute shoes like these Supergas are a must.  We all know that some cheapie sunglasses are also important for travel.  I hate losing my nice sunglasses.  I always end up pulling my bangs back while traveling, & I would love to add to my Giant Dwarf collection with this Star Sparkler from ModCloth.

I also need a big bag stuffed with activities like books & sketchbooks.  I have wanted this Marc By Marc Jacobs tote for a while!  I would love to fill it with a Kindle (you can read Kindles in the sunlight), my iPad for movies, and a toy Splitcam.

Are you going on any exciting trips this summer? -Mallory


Silly Secrets

I was pondering yesterday, "Is there anything these blog kiddies don't know about me?"  So, I thought about it, and I asked Brian, too.  Truth is, you guys see so much of the real me here that it was hard to think of things that I don't already talk about.  So, here are just a few things I bet you didn't know about me:

1.  I absolutely hate to clean.  I tend to get in the throws of whatever I'm working on, work up until the last minute, then leave a mess.  The same goes for clean laundry.  It tends to pile up on my bedroom floor.

 2. Not only was I a cheerleader in high school, I was a captain.  I'm the A in Camels up there :)

3.  I have never been to NYC.  This shocks people since I'm a fashion student.

4.  I tend to speak before thinking.  Blogging is my friend because of backspace.

5. I am always hungry (my mom made this meal last week).

6. I am freakishly flexible.  I could always reach the farthest during the sit & reach test in gym class.

7. Naps are my favorite.

8. In elementary school I entered cake decorating contests.  I won a few times.

9. I have always enjoyed being really nerdy.  I was on the academic team, I won a school spelling bee in 5th grade, and I cried when I got my first B.

10.  As a kid my favorite tv show was Martha Stewart.  My youngin' world was rocked when she was sent to jail.

Why don't you play along and blog about some silly things your readers won't know about you?!  Leave a link in the comments!  ♥ Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Wye Oak

This week I'm going to introduce you to a band I first heard while watching one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead.  The band is Wye Oak, and the song that was featured was "Civilian."  I remember watching the episode and hearing this song come on.  I just fell for it, completely. Her voice, the music, the scene.  Everything just felt right.  Season 2: Episode 18: Miles Out, for reference.
Wye Oak is 2 piece band from Maryland, that has a sound that's a mix of indie folk-rock with noise pop.  They've released 3 albums, the first independently, and then later re-released by Merge Records when they were signed.  The first song I'm featuring is the one from The Walking Dead.  Her voice is something I can't help but fall in love with.  It's easy to become entranced with this song and it's eerie feel.

The next is called "Holy, Holy" and I have to say I really enjoyed the music video they made for this.  It's nothing too complicated, but I found it to be really interesting.  I also love how the guitar comes in so strong at the beginning.
I hope you enjoyed this week.  I also hope this post got you excited for The Walking Dead.  If you aren't a fan of it, then you should definitely give it a try.

Knitwear Progress- Concept & Swatching

My inspiration for my knitwear project is stained glass windows.  Here is my inspiration board and my very early swatches!

The end of the quarter is drawing very near.  That means I'm swiftly becoming a crazy person.  Today I begin to turn my patterns, my inspiration, and my yarn into 1 woven and 1 knitted dress.  My pre-critique is next Monday!  I'm in full on freak out mode, however I'm aware that things always get done on time.  I'll be back tonight to post Brian's Tuesday Tunes!

xoxo, Mallory


What a Man Wears: Stripes & Silliness

 Yesterday I shared what I wore to Joe Dunlap's CD release party.  Well, today you can check out what Brian wore:
shirt and cardigan - H&M
jeans - Old Navy
shoes - Urban Outfitters

 His silliness is my favorite part of him.  Especially when he dances just to make me laugh.
:) Mallory


Outfit: Florals & Fields

A few weeks ago Brian and I went to his best friend's cd release show.  I took so many pictures that night, that I decided to break it up into a few posts.
Here's what I wore to the show:
floral blouse- H&M
sweater- stolen from Brian (permanently haha)
ankle jeans- Levi's
ballet flats-
Sam Edelman Felicia

Thanks Brian for being my photographer!
xo, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes: Bunbury Festival

 I'm pretty sure every person has a music festival that they want to go to at least once a year.  What's summer without a day or two spent listening to 100 different bands play on 7 different stages with thousands of sweaty people stuffed around you in an area that's fit for 500?  I think all of us have a dream festival every year that we wish we could go to.  In high school, like most of my friends, mine was Vans Warped Tour.  Then it became Cornerstone.  Now that I'm a little older and my musical tastes have changed, I no longer have the desire for something like Warped Tour.  Sadly, most of the good festivals are far west.
Thankfully this year, in my home city of Cincinnati, we are being blessed with a new festival called Bunbury.  This is a 3 day festival of music that seems to have more of a "grown-up" musical taste.  Some of the top bands on the lineup this year include Death Cab For Cutie, Neon Trees, Weezer, Manchester Orchestra, Passion Pit, and Minus The Bear.  It also has a great lineup for lesser known bands such as All Get Out, Ra Ra Riot, Maps & Atlases, Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, and plenty of great locals from the Cincinnati area. 
It's from July 13th-15th, and lasts from noon to around midnight each day.  I would highly suggest you make a weekend trip and come to this.  For $93 you get a 3 day pass or $46 for a one day pass.  Cincinnati also has a ton of other great attractions if you go to the festival and check out the city. It's also an incredibly affordable city, with most hotels being fairly cheap. You can read Mallory's Guide to the 'Nati here.
Visit Bunbury Festival for more info. Hope to see you all there!


Record Store Day

Record Store Day was quite the adventure day for my friends and I!  We ended up at lots of places, starting at our favorite, Shake It Records, in Northside.  We all picked up some new music, listened to Walk the Moon, and barely made it out.  It was crazy packed!

 Next up was Sidewinder Coffee & Tea to evaluate our musical spoils.  Brian and Brookbank even decided to dress alike... on accident.  I love that cds get packaged in hamburger bags :)

A little Geocaching, Pasquale's for dinner, and then drinks at the B-List happened between the coffee shop & meeting our friend Rachel who was in town from NYC.  I love full days with friends.
  They make life so much richer.

Love, Mallory