DIY: Embroidered Jean Shorts

I've seen some diy fancied up jean shorts all over the blogs and Pinterest lately, so I thought I'd come up with my own version.  During Goodwill's 50% off everything day I bought 3 pairs of 90s shorts at $2 each.  I knew they'd fit because I always have a measuring tape in my purse for thrifting and other shopping emergencies.  Here's how I updated one of the 3 pairs.  All you need is sharp scissors
(like Ginghers), an embroidery needle, and embroidery floss!

I cut off just the hem all the way around the leg openings, then turned the legs up 1" and iron the crease in.

Next I started sewing.  Here's a sewing pro secret: you don't need to knot your thread!  Just pull your needle through once keeping a 1/2" tail.  Then sew through the spot your needle came through a few more times.  It won't come out.

As you can see in the pictures above I made parallel horizontal stitches to cutely hold up the cuffed hem.  I went around each leg.  I ended the same way I started by sewing through the same spot a few times.  You can do your stitches farther apart if you're a bit slow or a beginner at sewing.  Feel free to use a thimble, too.

For the pockets I did the same no knot start then went into the pocket and came up under the pocket's stitch line.  Sewing under the stitch line is much easier than through the multilayer seam.  Then I was finished.  You can use these ideas and make them your own by trying new stitches, and mixing colors if you want.

 I think I'll probably do the back pockets soon.  I like easy updates that make a statement.  Fashion is in the details!  Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Brian's Summer Songs

 Hello again.  I am back after taking off last week for my birthday.  I must say, it was one of the most blessed birthdays I can recall.  Mallory's parents ordered in my favorite pizza from Chicago, and her mom made me a cake with the face of America's hero, Ron Swanson.  Tuesday night one of my friends showed up with an armful of gifts that included a Midi Keyboard, software, Sustain Pedal, and a pair of Shure headphones.  It was all from a group of about 8 friends, and I must say I was completely blown away by it.  It was one of the best moments of my life.  I have amazing friends & family.

Anyways, I'll go ahead and get in to it.  When I discover a new album, I tend to listen to only that one album for about a month straight.  I've never had a problem with it, as it allows me to really get a feel for the music and get a breakdown of everything from the lyrics to each instrument. Recently I made a summer playlist of 18 songs, and just like a regular album, I can't seem to stop listening to it.  I'll give you a few songs off it that I'm specifically enjoying to help you start your own summer playlist.

First is Person L's "The Positives."  Kenny from The Starting Line is in this band as well as Vacationer.  I'm a sucker for that era of music and always find myself falling for those musician's new bands.  I'm under the impression that this song is about the people who he shared the stage with during The Starting Line and the transition from that to something new.  There's one line specifically that stands out to me, "We should all become ourselves."  I think it's about realizing who you are, and how you need to live in that vein.

The second song is Pomegranates "Pass Away."  I don't know how anyone could listen to this song, and not instantly want to dance around like a crazy person.  The Poms are a band from around the Cincinnati area, so I've been able to see them quite a bit.  They put on one of the best shows!  This is the type of song you should listen to when you first rise from bed in the morning.  It's like musical coffee.

The last song up here is from Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi, and Travis Barker, basically 3 of the best dudes out there.  Steve Aoki is a genius who just destroys dance music, Cudi is my favorite hip hop artist, and Barker is surely one of the best drummers of my musical generation.  This video is a little weird, but the song is so rad.  I wanted to use the word "dope" there, but figured Mallory wouldn't approve it.

These are just some of my summer go-to songs.  What screams summer playlist to you?  -Brian


The Good Life

Do you ever have those days where everything falls into place?  Well lately life has had this warm glow of perfection around it.  Maybe I'm just a romantic and I'm dreaming this up, but here's why I've been so stinking happy lately:

I'm now working from home on my collection of bags 3 days a week.  That means I can sit at my own kitchen table in my pjs while I eat breakfast, drink coffee, answer emails, make to-do lists, blog, source materials, and sketch.  That also means I get to have lunch with my mom, and Cinders tries to sit on whatever I'm working on at the moment.

The other two remaining weekdays I'm a stylist assistant at Amazon's MyHabit (designer home and fashion flash sales) again.  It's so fun and challenging working there!

 One of the best things right now is that I'm not in school so my stress level is healthy, I don't have homework, and I have plenty of time to hang out with this handsome fella.  I hope your life is falling into place at the moment, too.  If not, it always gets worse before it can get better!  Love, Mallory :)


Beauty Products- Lush Addiction

It's safe to say that I've been a Lush Cosmetics junkie for years.  I have sensitive, problematic skin, and my nose is sensitive to those chemical scents found in traditional beauty products.  When my neighbor Jill suggested I try Lush's Dream Cream lotion to heal the red bumps on my biceps and thighs (Keratosis Pilaris) I tried it, and I was amazed!  Since then I've fallen farther in love as I've found the perfect Lush skin and hair care combos for me.  Their products are the only ones that clear and fully moisturize all of my skin ailments, including my chicken skin and acne.

Since Lush works so well for me I thought I'd share my hair and skin routines with you.  First I use Big Shampoo, then I follow it up with Veganese Conditioner.  After that comes the Herbalism Facial Cleanser.  For my body I use African Black Soap, not a Lush product.  After using soap I exfoliate with some vanilla scented brown sugar scrub that my sister Sarah made me.  It's divine smelling!!!

After showering I use the very light Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer.  The rest of my skin gets slathered in Dream Cream Body Lotion.  Then I finish off with Vanillary Gorilla Perfume.  As you can probably tell I really love vanilla, and my sinuses/lungs love that it's a natural scent.

I hope if you suffer from cruddy skin, too that this has illuminated you to some "fresh handmade cosmetics" that can make you more confident.  Love, Mallory

Outfit- Secret Garden

 Happy first day of summer!  I don't think I can stress enough how much I love summer.  My favorite garments may very well be tank tops.  I'm starting the season out right in this sleeveless button-up from NY & Co, thrifted floral skirt, vintage cross necklace from my last Burlington Antique Show, gifted bracelet from Lauren, and my (favorite) Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sandals.  My lipstick is NARS Cosmetics Carthage & my eyeshadow is Sephora Lesson of Seduction 89.

 And, just for fun, here I am almost falling down the hill in my side yard.  Thanks to my super wonderful photographer, Mom.  Love, Mallory


Brian's Birthday Adventure

 Today is Brian's 24th birthday.  Since we both have Mondays off work I took him on a little pre-birthday adventure yesterday.  We started off at the Bellevue Bistro for an early lunch then got chocolate & candy from Schneider's Sweet Shop, a favorite of ours.

 While we were still on our sugar high we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see the newest Omnimax film and read books in the gift shop.

Adventures are what make life fun.
Happy birthday boyfriend!
xoxo, Mallory


DIY- Custom Coffee Mugs

On May 26th one of Brian's best friends got married.  We hang out with Joe and Jenna a lot, so we wanted to get them something meaningful as a part of their gift.  To do this we got some simple white coffee mugs from Ikea and some enamel paint to make them some custom his & hers coffee mugs.

All you need to do a project like this is Folk Art Enamels Paint, a fine point paint brush, and some white pottery.  You could even do a whole dinner set, which I'm sure Brian and I will do as soon as we get a place together.

First I painted on their names, a stethoscope for Jenna since she's a nurse at the children's hospital, and a music note for musician/recording engineer Joe.  When you change your color make sure you fully clean out and fully dry your brush.  You don't want to water down your paint.  Then I changed to red and painted some hearts for that love, marriage, ooey-gooey stuff.  If you goof up you can easily wipe it off as often as you want until you cure it.  No fear of screwing up!

 After you paint on your designs let your dish air cure for an hour, then place it in a cool oven.  Turn the oven onto 350 degrees Farenheit, oven cure for an hour, turn off the heat, then let the dish fully cool in the oven.  It's important to let the oven pre-heat with the dish already in it so that your dish won't crack.

Just like with Pebeo or any other ceramic paint the paint is food-safe, but the constant contact with food will wear it off.  So try to keep your paint to the areas of dishes uncovered by food or drink like the edges of plates and outsides of bowls and mugs.  Just to be safe I'd handwash the dishes too.  If you make some cutie dishes too leave me a link in the comments!

xoxo, Mallory

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