Tuesday Tunes- Girl Power

It seems that girl fronted bands are a rare thing.  I think it's a little more rare to find girl singers that sound unique, so when I find one I like I'm a fan for a while.  I'm also all for a little girl power every now and then.  Is my 90s child showing yet?  I'm trying my best to not add a "You Go Girl."  Anyway, here are my favorite leading ladies in the music industry.

Jenny Lewis is amazing add the Watson Twins and you have pure magic!

Of course I have to add Eisley because they're a staple, and Stacy is a sweetie.  All three of these leading sisters are pregnant right now.  What an adorable coincidence.

Feist.  I love her soulful voice and the depth of the music in her latest album Metals.  Need I say more about her?

I also think St. Vincent is amazing along with Sucre, fronted by Stacy DuPree King of Eisley.  Have a girl rocked week.  XO- Mallory


We're Engaged!!!!!

 Well I have a story to tell you.  As with all stories it's best to start at the beginning, and this beginning starts with anniversary plans.  On July 28th, 2008 Brian said I was finally allowed to call him my boyfriend, so we consider this our anniversary.  To celebrate four years this weekend we decided to go to Lebanon to antique shop and eat at cute ice cream parlors.  As he does any time we have any plans, Brian asked me to bring my camera.  Though, he was pretty upset that my remote shutter was broken.  So, as my "gift" he ordered me a new one.  I was only slightly alerted.

We arrived in Lebanon around 10 a.m. and no stores were open yet.  We set up the camera on a tripod with the new remote.  Brian seemed as normal as can be until he realized the remote only worked a foot from the receiver.  I still was not alerted.

We started taking pictures, with me running back and forth using the camera timer.  Then Brian grabbed my hands and this happened.  It's cheesy but true, time sorta stood still and everything got very surreal!

Ring stuff:  We all know that as a designer, I'm quite particular.  Brian's smart, so about a year ago he asked what I wanted in a ring.  I bought a Victorian child ring that was exactly the mount I wanted from Etsy, so I gave it to him and a sheet with color, stone, and size specs.  He has been working on it with the Koop family at Koop Diamond Cutters since April.  It came out perfectly!

Thanks to everyone who has sent us sweet messages, comments, tweets, and hearts!  We truly appreciate every single one of you and your well wishes.  Love, Mallory


Outfit- Skort!

You know what?  Sometimes a skort can be pulled off.  Today I took a crack at it.  The way to pull off a patterned or bright bottom is to pair it with a simple top in line and/or color.  So, today I went as simple as it can get with double-layered white tank tops.  I think I may have successfully pulled it off, but that's up to you.

 Other outfit details: bottom tank-old, top tank-Gap Clearance Outlet, skort-vintage from Avalon Exchange in St. Louis, necklace-a small jewelry store in Charleston, wedges-Me Too from Nordstrom Rack, lipstick-NARS Red Lizard

Photos by my mom!  Have a happy, daringly dressed weekend!  Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Bunbury Recap

Hey guys, it took me all of last week to recuperate from Bunbury Festival!  So now that I'm caught up on sleep, let me tell you how awesome it was!

We started out Friday around noon just cruising around the festival getting a feel for things and learning where everything was at.  The set up for the festival was really great.  The schedule was perfectly worked out so no two bands played close to each other at the same time.  My favorite stage was the Landor stage.  It was right on our flood wall's stadium seating and you faced the Ohio River while watching a band perform.  My only complaint was the lack of summery food and beverage vendors.  All the food was really good, but it was really heavy and there weren't enough vendors.  So, the lines were generally 20 people deep.  There was only one gelato and one coffee tent, both on the opposite end of the park from the main stage.  When it's 90 degrees you need plenty of iced coffee and gelato.  As for the music, it was superb.  A good, solid band or artist was performing at all times.  They let a lot of really talented, well known local bands play the festival, too.
Friday: I got to see one of my favorite bands, All Get Out.  They performed on my favorite stage, and played every song I hoped they would.  I've never been a huge a Minus The Bear fan, but after catching their set, I was pretty impressed.  They are great to watch and really good at their instruments.  Ra Ra Riot was pretty solid as well.
Saturday: We arrived around 4 Saturday, and caught my second favorite performance of the weekend, Manchester Orchestra.  We've been able to see them 4 times now, and they have consistently been pretty sloppy.  During this set, something was different.  They were tighter and more impactful than I had ever previously seen.  We also caught about 30 minutes of Weezer's set, and got to see some of the older songs.  Hearing The Sweater Song was pretty cool, and it's pretty neat to say I've seen them.

Sunday: By far the best day for music.   We got caught in a 20 minute downpour during a friend's band's set, but came out of it alive.  I very much enjoyed Maps & Atlases on the main stage and then Mallory's sister came with her husband and kids.  I really had no idea that Maps & Atlases had such a following.  Also, Good Old War put on a pretty spectacular set.  Their highlight was definitely "Can't Go Home."

Then there was Death Cab for Cutie.  We saw them a few years ago and I wasn't very impressed (Mallory pointed out that it was in a seated venue).  Mallory insisted we get up close and personal to see them close out the festival.  Ben Gibbard opened their set playing "I Will Follow You" solo on an acoustic guitar.  Highlight for them was definitely "We Looked Like Giants."  Once it got dark and their light show started, it was mind-blowing.  They had so much more energy than when we had previously seen them.
All in all, I was pretty surprised by how well the festival went.  50,000 people showed up over the weekend, and there wasn't one single arrest.  I absolutely cannot wait for next years lineup, and to hopefully make this a tradition in Cincinnati.  I would highly recommend that where ever you live, you make the trip for next year.  For a festival that only costs $93 for 3 days, you won't find anything better. -Brian
p.s. from Mallory: hi to Jessica, a sweet reader who said hi at the festival!


Bag Progress

I haven't shared much on here about the bags and other accessories I've been working on.  Since I've only been working on them three days a week prototyping isn't going as fast as I'd hoped.  However, making mockups is my favorite part of the design process.  Trial and error is my favorite game.  Most of my materials have arrived except for a few that should be here within the next week.  I'm feeling really excited about my direction now.  Today I figured out pricing and quantities with my mom who has been helping a lot with my planning stages.  I need someone to bounce ideas off of, and we make a great team.  If only I could get my personal assistant, Cinders, to work as hard as Mom and I have been.

I'm planning on this collection consisting of a leather handbag, a canvas backpack, several smaller bags (wristlets, coin purses, etc.), and a few other accessories.  I'm probably being overambitious so, I'm not putting a super strict timeline on myself.  I've already lined up a photographer to shoot my prototypes, and I'm hoping to share product images as soon as they are shot and edited.  If you happen to have any fantastic connections or ideas on where I should market my products let me know.  After all you all are stylish, smart, and have a lot to offer :)
love, Mallory


DIY Dress Up is on Sale!

If you have been considering learning how to sew clothes and accessories, now is the time!  The DIY Dress Up E-Course I wrote with Elsie is ON SALE at Red Velvet.  Use the code SUMMERSALE for 25% off any of their e-courses.   Mine is going to be retired at the end of the July, (you'll continue to have access afterward) so buy it now while you still can!  Plus, your purchase will help fund the start of my bag and accessory line!  You can also feel free to email me if you have questions as you work.

You can read more details about the class from this post when it first came out.  Also, it's a good time to check out the other Red Velvet e-courses depending upon what you want to learn about!
Thanks! Mallory


Outfit- Fashionista on a Budget

 As I was drying my hair this morning I thought to myself, 'this outfit is a really good example of being a fashionista on a budget.'  We're all on a budget I bet, and if you're here you certainly are a fashionista.  Well, I'm a college kid and I'm trying to start a business.  That's a double whammy on my funds.  I refuse to buy low quality and knock off designs just because I'm broke.  Spending a little more on high quality often pays off in the long run because they last.  For this reason I NEVER shop in Forever 21.  They have a horrible lawsuit track record from ripping off designers.  I also avoid a lot of other cheap and trendy mall stores because their products often fall apart after just a few wears.

So, here is how I cope with my short budget and urge to have the latest and prettiest.

1. Thrifting: whenever I feel like I need to shop to cheer myself up I try to go to a thrift store rather than somewhere that I would blow more money.  This way I only buy things that are unique and I really love without busting my budget.

 2. When I go into higher priced stores I head straight to the clearance section.  Especially in stores like Anthropologie where they have really nice quality things.  You can get some really good deals if you check those areas first.  I got this skirt on super sale from Urban and I wear it very often.

3.  I also do a lot of discount store shopping.  My favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs swim suit is from TJ Maxx.  I bet you have one of those or a Marshall's nearby.  Nordstrom Rack is really great for designer shoes and jewelry.  I also shop from where I work, MyHabit and other flash sales sites online.

My favorite discount store is the Gap Clearance Outlet in Hebron, KY.  They carry all of the Gap Brands including Gap, Banana, Old Navy, and Piperlime designer goods.  Most "outlet" store products are made to go directly to those stores which can mean lower quality.  However, the Gap in Hebron is the only Gap Clearance Outlet in America, meaning all damaged, returned, and overstock items arrive there.  I have scored some amazing Piperlime products there in this past year like these Sam Edelman flats that I spent $19.99 on!

4.  My favorite tip is to change your email subscription settings for stores.  When your next J.Crew or Anthropologie email arrives go to the bottom and change your settings to only sales and deals.  That way you get less tempting emails in your inbox, and ones only arrive when you can afford to splurge a bit!  Who doesn't love a good sale?!  Speaking of the Anthropologie Summer Sale, Shopbop Sale on New Styles, and the ModCloth Super Sale are all on right now!

5. Find something you HAVE to have?  Look it up in Google shopper and change the sort settings to lowest first.  That way you know the item you want is at the cheapest price possible!

Do you have any other great tips? xo, Mallory