Beauty- My Favorite Lip Colors

Lipstick can be scary.  Unless you're at a nice makeup store you have to drop $10+ on a tube and hope the color works for you.  I'm not into that.  I love Sephora for lip color.  You can ask a very helpful Sephora employee for advice on brands, colors that compliment your skin color, and they'll clean samples off so you can try them without fear of germs.  After doing all of those things I've found some favorites and thrown all of my other lip products away.  Although I buy Nars which is slightly expensive it lasts all day and I trust the colors.  I also no longer feel the need to impulse buy at drugstores.
Here's my rundown:
  • For the everyday I have a tube of Burt's Bees original in my makeup drawer, my purse, and my work tote.
  • If I just want a lil something for errands or dates like putt putt I go with a tinted Burt's Bees that you can get anywhere.  I love Peony, Champagne, and Rhubarb the most.
  • My everyday lip color is NARS Niagara.
  • If I'm feeling sassy or if my outfit needs something extra I go with NARS Carthage.
  • If I'm dressed up for a date, a fancy wedding, or if I'm feeling classic NARS Red Lizard is the PERFECT red for most skin colors.
Some things to think about: If you're nervous about trying something bold give it a test drive on a day at home.  Matte lipsticks stay on longer because they have less oil in them.  Put on Burt's Bees original every morning so it can soak in while you do your hair and other makeup.  That way you have a nice, moisturized canvas for any lipstick!  I hope that helps you take the guessing game out of lipcolor for you.  It can be intimidating, but lipstick can pull your whole look together and make you feel much more stylish.  Love, Mallory


How I Popped the Question to my Bridsmaids

When it came time to ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding (and help me chill out in the process) I wasn't sure how I wanted to ask.  So, I started with a ring, well a Ring Pop.  Then I added some photos with each one that I printed on photo paper at home.  I also didn't want for them to have to pay for manicures, so I got them all matching nail polish to wear on the day.

For packaging I bought some super cheap kraft paper tags, white paper bags, a heart stamp, and a stamp pad from Hobby Lobby, under $10 total.  I did some stamping, some writing, and some hole punching.  I tied it all together with some ribbon I already had. Voila, a creative, cheap way to ask my bridesmaids to take part in my wedding!

 Here is a quick intro to all of my favorite ladies:
  • Lauren has been my best friend since highschool started.  We bonded over not fitting in and our love for boys in bands.
  • Samantha is my cousin.  My grandma babysat us both and her family lives down the street from my parents. She has some special needs and we grew up causing trouble together and depending on each other.  She has a huge place in my heart.
  • Sarah is my oldest sister.  She loves music as much as I do, dances a lot, and sometimes acts like my second mom.  She also is the mother of the 2 bestest nephews ever.
  • Brittany is our middle sister.  She's a genius, loves Harry Potter like I do, and bakes the best apple pies!  She's also is the clown of the family and interpretive dances for our enjoyment.
  • Erin and I have known each other since middle school, but in high school we started hanging out more.  She's the kind of person who will drop absolutely anything to help anyone in need.  She was also in the Avengers movie and is moving to L.A. soon (temporarily).
  • Liz and I met in high school and is the most outgoing of our friends.  She really helps me stay grounded and chilled out.  She is a very compassionate person and loves to craft!
  • Madison you all probably know the best.  She has a deep love for anything that's sparkly, purple, or pink.  She's a budding fashionista, and the best behaved 6 year old I've ever met.

Thanks for letting me share these people that I love so much! XO, Mallory


Lust List- Etsy Home Finds

Maybe one of the most exciting parts of this whole wedding thing is home/apartment searching with Brian and picking out furniture and decor.  We already started a registry at Crate and Barrel and plan to also do a Registry 360 where you can register for anything from the internet!  Of course we're going to do Amazon and a few things at Target.  Here are some of the things I've recently put in my Etsy favorites because I wish we could have them for our first place together!

1. chandelier Gallivanting Girls 2. bench Deluxe 3. chairs Drab to Fab Vintage
 4. Simon & Garfunkel print Pete K 5. NY Print Laura Amiss 6. Wish Clipboard Decoy Lab
7. vintage mint sofa Retrograde LA

xo, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- More New Releases

 I'm going to continue from last week and post a few more current releases.  First is Minus The Bear's new album, Infinity Overhead.  I've not always been a fan of these guys.  I always thought their songs blended together and sounded too much alike.  However, since seeing them at Bunbury Festival, I've come around a little more.  Here's the video for 'Steel and Blood"

Next is Circa Surive, and their new album, Violent Waves. I've always enjoyed how unique Anthony Green's voice is. Also, the guitar work on their albums is always pretty outstanding. I've enjoyed "The Lottery" the most so far, and it feature Geoff Rickly from Thursday.
Last is the new album from Wild Nothing, Nocturne. This is the first album I've heard from these guys, and although it's only be a day listening to it, I've enjoyed it heavily. It's a lot different than the first two bands on here so it's nice to have a musical style change. "This Chain Won't Break" has been my favorite so far.

Hope you enjoyed this week. I like posting about new releases so be on the look out for more of them.  -Brian


Wedding Dresses

Before my parents met each other they both had gone through tumultuous marriages resulting in a daughter each.  My mom is a teacher, and a few years later she had my dad's niece as a student.  My cousin Jenny begged my mom to go on a blind date with her uncle.  Eventually my mom agreed and the rest is history.  I'm here because of my cousin Jenny and her persistence.

Anyway, the history lesson was to tell you that two weeks ago my mom and I were cleaning, and we came across her wedding dress.  She made it herself and wore a lace Victorian blouse over it.  I asked if I could try it on, and it fit like a glove.  My mom is a good 3-4" shorter than I am so it was a little too short in the torso, but we were both so surprised, that we had to document it with some photos.

For a while I thought maybe it would be my dress too, but I wanted to try new dresses on first.  Then last Monday night my mom, sisters, Lauren, Aunt Helen, Madison, and Brian's mom went on our first dress shopping trip.  Since I have a very specific style (aka high maintenance) we thought I'd take many trips to many bridal shops to find a dress that even rivaled it.  We went into our second store and the second dress I tried there was the one.  I glowed, I couldn't stop smiling, they stared surprised, and I said yes to a dress!!!  It will arrive in February!!!
love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- New Albums

Hey guys, this week I'm going give you a heads up on some new music that you need to hear.  I've been waiting for a few albums to come out, and I'm pretty excited that some are finally released.

The album I was most excited for is the new Yeasayer, "Fragrant World."  As soon as I heard the opening track "Fingers Never Bleed," I quickly got excited to hear the rest of the album.  Yeasayer has this ability to mix so many different styles in to their music that it's hard to find a song you dislike.
Next, Anchor & Braille "The Quiet Life" which came out just a few weeks ago.  A&B is helmed by Anberlins vocalist, Stephen Christian.  I saw see these guys a while ago on a tour, and at the time it was just acoustic guitar and Stephen singing.  I was unimpressed.  Then their first album grew on me over time, and I have been listening to this new album much more.  I'm really impressed by it, and I'm thankful that it is quite far from anything Anberlin.  It has a Copeland feel to it, which is fine by me.  One of my favorite songs off the new record is "Knew Then Know Now."
Lastly is a band called Ponderosa.  Their new album "Pool Party" is extremely musically and lyrically good, and I especially love their artwork.  I can be such a sucker for albums with good artwork.  The title track is one of my favorites.
Hope you are having a great week so far.  Feel free to let us know of some new music coming out that we need to hear!  -Brian


Survey Says

Hi friends/readers/awesome folk!  I made an easy 6 question survey to find out some more about you guys and what you love about your visits here.  Life is about to transition for me in a big way.  I'm graduating from college, getting a new place with Brian, getting married, and starting a fashion line!  I'm sure Mallory Makes Things will be going through some changes, too.  Let me know how you feel about the blog and the changes in this survey.
Thanks already! Mallory

Update: Thanks everyone for filling out my survey.  I received lots of really great input!


Outfit- Black on White on Gold

 My absolute favorite spot in our house is the breakfast nook. It has huge windows that let in tons of light until the evening.  Every morning that I work from home I get my coffee (I'm spoiled, my dad brews some for me every morning) and make breakfast.  Then I go to the breakfast nook, set up my computer, try to tackle emails, maybe post a blog, and make a to-do list for the rest of my day.

The other day I asked my mom to document my outfit in the middle of this morning ritual.  Here's what I wore to sew/design at home that day: tank- I've had this for years and cut the tag out, shorts- Urban Outfitters, fox belt- vintage, lipstick- NARS Niagara, shoes- barefoot!

Of course Mom suggested I should also show of my ring ;)
Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Favorite Videos

 Hey guys!  This week I'm going to go through some of my favorite music videos.  I've done this in a previous post, but I am always coming up with new ones that I can't help but watch 6 or 7 times straight.

First is Mat Kearney's "Ships In The Night."  The first time I saw this video was also the first time I heard this song.  I enjoy both a ton, but I believe the video is the real standout. The time and dedication it must have taken to sync it up must have been a while. I mostly enjoy the different landscapes showing all the places he's been while filming this.  Makes me pretty jealous that I never got to tour the U.S.

Next is Sigur Ros "Varuo."  This video pretty much feels more like a shortfilm with some music behind it.  I've always found that strange when musicians do something like that.  It's pretty neat when a musician is willing to risk the music being overlooked for having an over the top music video. However, when they both go together so well, like this one, it must be completely worth it.  I'm pretty sure there a few more videos they have out that resemble this, and one includes seeing Shia Labeouf in the buff, so I won't show you that.  Plus, there is so much beauty in this video, from the city, to the people, to the style in which it was filmed.

Lastly, I'm going to post MuteMath's "Blood Pressure."  It's hard not to like these guys.  Catchy, but incredibly intricate music, unbelievable live show (one of the best I've ever seen), and awesome music videos.  As far as I know Darren King, the drummer, is very creatively involved in their videos. These look like take a ton of time, and even more patience to create.  Not only are they creative, but they are very, very fun to watch.



Jam Session

Back in June, Brian turned 24 and his friends went together to buy him a keyboard.  He's played it a lot and to my (untrained) ear he's starting to sound pretty good.  Anyway, ever since his sister, Madison, discovered the keyboard she has wanted to play every time she's at his house.  She makes up little songs and asks us to put the headphones on and listen.  We may have a prodigy on our hands.

On this particular day we went to the park after Brian and Madison had a keyboard, accordion, acoustic guitar jam session.  Even the most calm and focused kids need to run their sillies out.  On a related note, Madison agreed today to be my Flower Girl!  ♥ Mallory


Wedding Plans- Our Venue

We have found our reception venue!  As soon as we went in I could tell Brian and mom were sold immediately. It's an old warehouse with wooden beams, exposed brick, modern details, and is on the registry of historic buildings.  I wish my iphone photos did the seating area justice.

We thought June 1st was a done deal after receiving confirmation that June 1st was the only day my church was available to have the ceremony.  Long story short, that venue was reserved on the 1st an hour before I called to confirm.  So, tomorrow we find out if the date is officially booked and paid for, or if we need to go with one of the two days their awesome planner is holding for us.  Sadly, church is only available for the first.  Either way we're booking our dream reception hall tomorrow, so we're still excited.  Love, Mallory


Banasch's Fabrics

I get a lot of emails about sewing and where to find fabric.  Truth is, unless you're in NYC, fabric shopping stinks.  In Cincinnati there is one exception to the rule, Banasch's Fabrics.  It's quite possibly my favorite Cincinnati store.  Their fabric selection isn't amazing, but they will order things, have industrial machines, make drapes, and have a warehouse in the back for the apparel business.  Need a million shoulder pads, thread cones, or zippers?  Give them a call.  I recently stocked up on zippers for my bags.

I love the greater Cincinnati area. Love, Mallory