Outfit- Best Basics

Sometimes you just have to go back to basics.  No matter what year or season it is, throw on a striped tee, jeans, and Chuck Taylors and you're still relevant.  For basic/classic tops I usually shop at J.Crew, Old Navy, and TJ Maxx.  The key to finding affordable quality is looking for soft, thick fabrics with more than 50% cotton content.  Thin tissue weight tees feel amazing but start snagging and pilling after a few washes.  Like with sweaters, when the fiber content is more than 50% of a synthetic fiber (acrylic, acetate, polyester, etc.) the garment will make you sweat, a lot.

Sometimes we get all caught up in trends and brands.  However, the basis to staying stylish & comfortable is a pair of nice fitting jeans.  I've learned that dark washes are almost always the way to go because you can dress them up or down.  Avoid whiskering it draws the eye to your hips, and no one wants extra attention there.  The only way to find your ideal fit is by trying many brands.  It's like dating: you go on a bunch of dates, most leave you disappointed, but when you find the right guy (or pair of jeans) nothing can beat that.  It took me a while, but after trying on many I've discovered that the Gap and Michael Kors cut their jeans to fit my curvy bottom half but don't gap in the waist.  Belts are no longer necessary!  A good place for anyone to start is somewhere that carries a large variety of Levi's.  Their Curve I.D. line has a variety of cuts meant for different body types.

Of course I wanted to add some personality, so I also wore some Batman earrings and a vintage belt.  Tee is from TJ Maxx, jeans are Gap, and Chucks are from Target.  Photos by Brian (we get married in 239 days)!  XOXO, Mallory



I guess I haven't posted a lot about what I do at Amazon's MyHabit.  I'm a freelance styling assistant there and work 2 or 3 days most weeks.  Usually, I help organize, plan the looks, and dress the models for the editorial photos. Those are the photos at the top of each event page and that come in the daily emails.  Sometimes I get to do something special, like assist a stylist friend with a lookbook!

These are shots I helped with a few weeks ago for the Rick Owens lookbook that is now live on MyHabit (it's available to shop from, too)!  Modeled by Valentina (with Q Management) styled by Ashlee Mello, hair & makeup by Sharon Casey,  photographed by Mark Anderson, and Art Directed by Bernardo Siaotong.  xoxo, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- More New Releases

Hello again. There were some pretty great releases today, and I'm sure most of you already know about them.

Mumford & Sons- Babel
Most of you probabaly have a pretty a good idea that this came out today. I enjoy this album way more than the last. I don't know if it has to do with the other one being a bit too overplayed or not. My favorite song is the opening track "Babel."
Jason Collet- Reckon
This album also came out today and I've listened to it once all the way through.  I used to be in to the whole singer/songwriter a lot more than I am now, and this album kind of takes me back to that.  I especially enjoy "I wanna rob a bank."

The XX- Coexist
This album came out a few weeks ago, but it has easily become one of my top album releases of the year. The musicianship in this album is unbelievable, especially mixed with the female vocals. My favorite song is "Angels." -Brian


Burlington Antique Show- July '12

Burlington Antique Show is my favorite place to shop.  I mean hands down, even if I buy nothing at the monthly show I have a good time.  I took these photos at the July show.  I went with my neighbor Jill, my mom, and Lauren, and we seriously scored big on some big furniture.  Of course my favorite thing is the odd finds, and spending a whole day with friends.

Apparently it being July had everyone feeling patriotic.  Jill looks in the mood too!  The chair below is maybe my favorite piece of furniture I've ever seen!!!

The last show for the year is next month, October 21st.  If you're in the area, check it out!  I know I'll be on the hunt for some good furniture deals!  Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- New Releases, Take 3

Hello friends.  Good news, today some pretty great artists released some new music.
Grizzly Bear - Shields
I am currently listening to this album while writing this post, and I'm pretty in to it so far. I'm not sure it will compare to Veckatimest, but it still stands its ground. My favorite song is probably "Yet Again."
Band of Horses - Mirage Rock
I have listened to this album atleast 2 times, and am completely feelin it. It's way more upbeat than I expected. I am especially enjoying "Electric Music."
Kanye West - Cruel Summer
You've probably heard a majority of these songs all ready if you are a Kanye fan because he loves to release everything early, which is awesome. Basically this is a mixtape that includes a bunch of different people. My favorite song is from my favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, called "Creepers." -Brian

The Day in Snapshots

Yesterday I met with a business advisor to get "Mallory" going.  Thank goodness business advisors are a thing, because I had no idea where to start.  A thirty minute meeting, and now I have a plan!!!  Then I made a wedding to-do list and a supply shopping list with my mom.  Our DIY list is quite long, and we want to have it all finished by January (back to school).  Have I mentioned that I'm planning a trip to work on a special project for two weeks in November?  Oh, and I'm going to Disney for 10 days in December.  This could get interesting.  Though, I've never felt more creatively fulfilled or excited in my life! xo, Mallory


Cincinnati City Flea

It's no secret that I love Cincinnati & it's happenings.  So, a few weeks ago Lauren called me and said, "I want to go to City Flea, you in?"  So, I skipped cleaning my room and headed straight to pick her up on the way!  City Flea is a handmade, local, & vintage street fair that happens once a month downtown.  This time it was in the newly renovated Washington Park in the Over the Rhine (OTR) area.

Kids were playing in the new splash park, people were walking their pups, and there was an abundance of cool booths.  We made sure we stopped by the Streetpops cart for some gourmet popsicles and The Brush Manufactory booth so I could say hi to the owner, Rosie.  I think my favorite part is the beautiful old architecture, especially Cincinnati Music Hall, that overlooks the whole park.

I bought some (almost) Batman earrings and Lauren bought a Scrabble tile necklace from The Lovely Teaspoon.  If we had a vehicle larger than a Corolla, we may have taken home some vintage furniture, too.  We'll certainly keep going.  -Mallory


Update- Bags, Bras, & Senioritis

According to my recent survey the #1 reason you all visit Mallory Makes Things is my designs.  Can I just tell you how thankful and flattered I am?!?!  Reading those results made me so much more excited to start my business and get these bags, bracelets, and other accessories to you.  As far as my first collection goes all of my samples are finished and 80% of the items I'm going to produce are cut out and are ready to be sewn (above)!  Oh, and my labels have arrived!  I'm going to call my brand Mallory!

The only finished product I'm going to show you fully now is one of my tote bags that I took on a test drive to the City Flea.  I'm holding on tight to the rest until I get proper photos taken.  I think everything will be produced within a few weeks, and want to get my shop up and running ASAP.  On Monday I'm meeting with a small business adviser because I want to start out my business in a legal and tax compliant manner.  Sadly, getting legal may take a while though.  I really like to follow the rules.  :)

I'm also working on my senior collection.  I only have January-March to make a 4 look collection for the DAAP runway show, serving as my capstone.  Now, for the photo of the bra hardware... well, I also like to take on too many projects.  My cousin, Jenny, who owns a shop called Bra Specialties is my official co-op boss this semester.  She does fittings for all women including post-mastectomy women.  After working in the bra business a long time she wants to present and sell her own ideas.  Jenny needs someone who can help hash out and bring her ideas to life.  That someone is me, so I'm prototyping as soon as these bags are finished!

Yep, that's what I'm doing currently: producing products of my own, planning my senior collection, free lancing at My Habit, prototyping bras and lounge wear, and planning a wedding!  Love, Mallory


Outfits- Transitioning to layers

There's no point denying, since Labor day has passed, fall is coming.  I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte the other day, and I've needed to start putting on jackets at night.  The days have still been hot, but the weather changes are starting.  So, the other day I had my mom photograph how I layer my summer favorites to transition to fall.

Mini-skirts transition easily, here's how I did mine.  In my spring outfit I wore a Tahari skirt from Rue La La, a tee I've had forever, a thrifted belt, shoes from Nordstrom Rack, and my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses.  To change over to fall I slid on a vintage Gloria Vanderbilt sweater, put the belt over it, and paired it with some more substantial booties.  Perfect for this in-between weather.

My summer go-to tops are printed tanks.  They're comfy, colorful, and can be dressed up or down.  This one is from Old Navy.  For summer I usually pair it with some jean shorts, and my favorite Swedish Hasbeens Sandals.  For fall I added a thrifted mens shirt (which is perfect for this fall) and belted it.  I also added some fleece lined tights I got from Urban Outfitters.  They're amazing for wearing dresses, shorts, and skirts in the colder weather.  I topped it off with the perfect Ash heels.

I have a lot of simple sundresses.  When fall comes I forget that I can just layer them, and they can move into my fall looks.  For this fall look I swapped my flats for some tall socks and boots.  I added a thin jacket on top that's comfy enough to wear all day.  I also added a scarf I knitted.

So, none of these ideas are earth shattering, but every time the fall comes I need to re-teach myself that my things can transition.  I really love spring and summer clothes, so I have to be creative in layers weather or I feel like I need to buy a whole new wardrobe.  Are you excited for this cooler weather? -Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Move on the Sun

As some of you may know, I am a pretty big fan of Joseph-Gordon Levitt.  I think he is a tremendous actor, and he's starred in some of my favorite movies recently and when I was younger (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Angels in the Outfield).  Maybe a year or so ago I discovered that he runs an open collaborative company called hitRecord.  I would try to explain it, but it would take way too long.  Your best bet is to go ahead and head over to their site, hitRecord.org.  It is well worth your time, especially if you have an interest in music, video, or just being creative.
Recently Joe and hitRecord released a collaborative album that includes 78 different artists called "Move on the Sun."  With 78 different artists, you are sure to get some of the most eclectic music to hit an album together.  Not one song really seems close to sounding the same.  A few of my favorites are Electric Loss, Enjoy The Ride, and For Mallory.
Visit their bandcamp site to hear the album and buy it.  One of the major pluses about hitRecord is that a big majority of the money made goes right back to the artists.  Of course hitRecord gets money too, but they are pretty generous in funding the contributors.  -Brian
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