I'm Going to Disney World!

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I'm going to Walt Disney World in Florida with my family!!!!!!  It's our Christmas gift from my parents.  Brian, one brother-in-law, and my nephews have never been.  I can't wait to see the look of awe on Brian's face when we go into Magic Kingdom and he sees the castle & stuff.  I've been five or six times, and I still couldn't be more excited!  The food!!  The magic!!!  The photos above are from our trip in June 2010 when just four of us could go, and the illustrations are from a book I bought my sister Brittany a few years ago.  I'm going to try and blog while there, don't worry.  Love, Mallory


Interview on The Sewing Machine Chronicles

Leesha Robinson over at The Sewing Machine Chronicles is a new fashion design student at Missouri State University.  She just started her new blog and interviewed me as a featured blogger.  You can go read my advice for design students, about my internship experiences, and a few other things over there!  Love, Mallory

Tuesday Tunes - Carrollhood

Hello world, Brian here.  This week I am bringing you a band that I just found only a few weeks ago.  They are called Carrollhood, and are comprised of member froms Anberlin (Nate), UnderOATH (Tim), and Tallhart (Reed).  They've only released a 3 song EP so far, but man is it good.  I've basically had it on repeat since I found it.
The band has no defined singer, which makes it pretty interesting.  Each member gets to contribute their own voice to a song which is always interesting.  My favorite jam is "Remission," which is actually about the battle Reed's sister had with cancer (in an interview I read she has been cancer free for 4 years now).

Hope you enjoy these guys as much I do.  Also, I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic.  Next week I will be writing this from Disney World!!!!  So, that's probably your upcoming theme!



This morning I talked about Christmas.  Thanksgiving is in 13 minutes though, so let's talk about thankfulness.  This has been an amazing year.  I have so much to be thankful for, including being alive and healthy.  Then there's my supportive family, my fantastic friends, and having a direction for my future.  I am also incredibly thankful for Brian Muddiman's patience, love, and encouragement.  I don't think I could have found a better family of future in-laws, too.  I'm also thankful for you readers!  xo, Mallory

Christmas Playlist 2012

We skipped our Tuesday Tunes this week to make a Christmas Playlist (for last years, click through to listen).  Okay, maybe we're two days early for Christmas season, but in the words of the ever wise Lauren Ritter, "Why not extend Christmas?  It's the happiest time of the year!"  We like to think it's a good blend of indie artists, classic crooners, and just for fun songs.  We've been listening to it all morning!  Love, Mallory & Brian!


Outfit- Little Friends, Leaves, & Leather

Today Brian and I hung out with his little sister, big brother, and dog most of the day.  Well, Madison and I watched a lot of the Disney Channel while Dexter slept next to us.  Brian watched football with Brad.  Lazy Sundays are good for your soul.  We took these during a nice long walk.

Here's what I wore.  The vintage MASH t-shirt was my mom's from the show finale.  My jeans are Levi's, chucks are ancient, leather jacket was a birthday gift from my mom, and I stole the belt from my dad.  I thought it was my mom's (I've been wearing it for over a year), but recently he noticed I had it on and said "it was from my skinny days."

Thanks to Brian for taking all of these photos except this last one that Madison took of us.  I'm marrying into the best family. Love, Mallory


Celebrating Andy Fausz

 Shadow of my Former Self, by Andy Fausz
As I mentioned a few posts ago, I lost my cousin Andy last week.  I don't want this to be a sad post, I just wanted to share some of his artwork.  This is my celebration of how talented he was and how much he loved his daughter, Viola.  She was his whole world.  You can read this article about how his artwork embodied his struggle to gain custody and his beliefs that faith, sincere kindness, and personal reflection can make the world a more beautiful place.
Use to Be a Family... No Longer, by Andy Fausz
Here is my favorite quote Andy said about his art, "My images come naturally and subconsciously; they reflect what I had lived, thought, experienced. My art breathes on its own; it urges me to partake in the goodness of life."  He was the most beautiful and kind soul I have ever met.  He made a great mark on this world.  Love, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes- Solo Act New Releases

Hey friends, I missed last week.  With Mallory out of town, it totally slipped my mind.  So, I'm going to dive right into this week's music.  Enjoy.

 Ben Howard - The Burgh Island EP
I've posted something about him before, but this album just dropped and I love it.  He has already released this video for Esmerelda.  It's really simple in concept but powerful.

Sufjan Stevens - Silver & Gold
Yes, it is almost that time.  Christmas is just around the corner, and Sufjan just released an album that has almost every Christmas song ever written on it (30 songs).  I am a pretty huge fan of Christmas time and music, so be on the lookout for more posts on these.
Joshua James - From the Top of Willamette Mountain
Continuing with the singer/songwriter genre this week, Joshua James released this album last week, and it's really solid.  It's honest, thought out lyrics are what make it such a standout.  My favorite is Doctor, Oh Doctor.  -Brian


196 Days

I just checked my countdown app.  It is 196 days until I marry Brian!!!!!  Until then I will blog, work on projects for A Beautiful Mess, style assist at MyHabit, launch my Mallory online store, go to Disney World, create my senior collection, graduate with my bachelors degree, finish wedding projects, and have some fun in between.  It's going to be a very full 196 days!  Love, Mallory

p.s. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers/thoughts for my family after I shared online that I lost a cousin last night.  I have some encouraging friends, family, and followers.


Red Velvet Reminiscing

I'm in Springfield, Missouri right now.  Why you ask?  I have joined the team over at A Beautiful Mess (until the 15th) to collaborate on some projects.  When I did the Red Velvet dress lines with them I spent a huge amount of time at the studio in the back of the local shop.  This time I'm working at the blog studio, but I ran to the shop studio for supplies today and was filled with this rush of emotion and memories!  I even saw some of the patterns I drafted for the first collection!

When I worked there the first time I learned so much about myself and made a plan for starting my own dream brand.  Emma and Elsie have made a HUGE impact on my life by hiring me, teaching me, encouraging me, and becoming my friends.  I'm forever grateful.  Visiting the store and working with them again (and Katie and Trey) has me feeling excited about their plans for the future, and encouraged in my own plans for the future!  I'm so glad they have asked me back! xo, Mallory


Thoughts on Planning a Newlywed Home

Planning a wedding means much more than just picking out pretty things for one event.  It means starting May 26th I will be official life partners with Mr. Brian Muddiman. Of course that's the best part of it all, better than even buying a wedding dress (gasp).  The wedding is crazy exciting, but I'm more excited to start the next chapter of life.  The biggest change will be living together.  So this finally brings me to what I want to talk about: planning our newlywed home together.

It was really important that we had a few serious discussions early on about where to live, renting v. buying, and how to would furnish a whole home.  We picked Bellevue, KY quickly (picture above taken there by Jeremy Kramer).  It is minutes to downtown Cincinnati, has cute shops and restaurants, it's an even distance between our families, and I just like being a Kentucky girl.  In theory I would prefer owning a home, but I want to start a business.  Also, who knows what can happen since we're still in our early 20s.  Someone could get a job offer or something.  For now, we rent.  Starting a business will be an expensive path at first.  Long down the road, when baby fever sets, in we hope to have my dad build our dream house.

Our best idea was to start collecting furniture we loved last year while we found it inexpensively.  That way we don't overspend to fill an empty apartment.  We love elbow grease so we've looked for fixer uppers.  So far we have bought these mid-century pieces from Burlington Antique Shows: 4 kitchen chairs for $18 total, a mid century slat coffee table for $10, and a metal cart for $7.  I bought a chrome and faux leather armchair for $20 the day we got engaged, and Brian found this formica table for $50 on Craigslist.  My parents plan to buy us a new mattress as our wedding gift.  We're also taking all of my bedroom furniture.  This means the only big purchases we need to make are a couch, a tv stand, and maybe a tv if it's not bought off our registry.  I meant to talk about our registry strategy, but that will wait for another day.  Love, Mallory


Halloween Partying

As you can probably see, Halloween this year was really fun!  We went out with Lauren (Rosie the Riveter) and T.J. (Tinkie Winkie the Teletubby) on Saturday night.  We ate at Red Robin in costumes, went to a party, met up with my sisters, and then met up with some other friends.  Of course the night ended with a group decision that we were sleepy and needed some White Castles.  I know "ew, gross," but I love them.  Tonight was a much calmer family trick or treat gathering.  I hope your Halloween was equally fun.  If you blogged your costume I'd love to see it!! xo, Mallory

P.S. Lauren's perfect lipstick is NARS Red Lizard, and we were both wearing a Sephora eyeshadow kit for smoky eyes.  I love their shadow kits that have instructions & pictures.
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