Outfit- Snow Day Errands

Yesterday I ran some errands and this is what I wore:
Brian left his red Target beanie at my house, sweater is French Connection, jeans are the Gap, boots are Minnetonka (similar Minnetonka Booties), and belt is vintage YSL.

Sidenote: Did you guys see that YSL rebranded and lost to Y this year to be just Saint Laurent now?

Of course I couldn't resist playing in the snow while shooting these photos.  Thanks to my mom for braving the snow to shoot these.  Have you guys had a lot of snow too?  The night of Christmas we got like 6" then a few more a few days later!  Love, Mallory

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  1. I didn't hear about the YSL but that's kinda silly. I love your pictures of kicking through the snow though :)

    xo Ashley


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