Cincinnati Museum Center - Adventure Day

I love Cincinnati Museum Center.  I went there a lot as a kid, Brian and I went on his birthday, it's in my Cinci travel guide, and I went on Sunday with Brian, Lauren, and TJ!  The building was built in 1933 as a train station.  It's truly an Art Deco masterpiece.  Every time I walk in it takes my breath away!  It now houses the Cincinnati History (has a WWII exhibit & a train display), the Natural History, and the Childrens Museum.  There is also the Omnimax ( 5 story, domed movie screen that shows 45minute documentaries), venue space, and traveling exhibits.

We checked out the Cincinnati History museum and saw The Last Reef at the Omnimax. We also saw the Dead Sea Scrolls traveling exhibit.  They have artifacts from Ancient Israel & surrounding areas.  There was a 3000 year old stone altar with incense soot still on it!  There of course were 20ish of the 972 Dead Sea Scrolls ( including the oldest surviving texts of parts of the Bible) were on display as well.  SO COOL, but no photography.


Tuesday Tunes - Two New Instant Favorites

Hello everyone. It's a very exciting week for me musically, as it should be for you also! Two great album released today.


Local Natives - Hummingbird
Finally, a sophmore album that rivals the first.  Hummingbird, in one word, is beautiful.  It's that simple.  If you've watched a live video of these guys you can spot that they all sing together in harmony pretty well.  This album has that same Local Natives feel, just a bit more refined.  It seems like they are taking another step with their music and that's always nice to see.
Sleeping At Last- Darkness
This is an EP, but it's a part of something much larger (which you can read about here).  Ryan suggests that when you listen to this album for the first, you do it with your eyes closed and in a dark room.  I didn't do this, but I will when I eventually get the chance.  Ryan is one of my favorite songwriters because of honesty and attention to detail. He enjoys using a lot of different instruments, especially the strings (which usually our Friend Jeremy Larson plays).  I really think that helps keep his stuff refreshing and new.  I'm excited for this album and the entire Atlas project.  Now, if only I could get him to play at our wedding...  Enjoy, Brian


Outfit - In Motion

Last week I ran some errands with my mom.  This included dropping my wedding dress off to one of my professors (who has an alterations business) to get altered.  It's a little big right now, though the length is perfect.  Yay for being 5'9" tall!

This is what I wore: coat is vintage, scarf is my mom's, red tee is old Navy, belt is NY&Co., 3-d polka dot jeans are from Urban Outfitters, and gym shoes are Nike Free Run.

This is my Mary Tyler Moore Show impression.  If you don't get that reference, here you go.  I hope your week has started out lovely!  XO, Mallory

P.S. Don't forget that my WhoopTee giveaway closes tomorrow! Enter here!


Lust Lust - Valentine's Day Goodies

I love Valentine's day.  I really do.  I also really love hearts, but I'm sure that's no surprise to you!  Here are the hearts stuff I've been lusting after for this 2013 Valentine's day!  I've split it into gifts, decor, and wearables!

1. heart paper clips 2. Marry Me necklace 3. keychain bottle opener 4. Lush Rose bath bomb 5. cufflinks 6. arrow Valentine

1 & 2. paper garlands 3. be mine cake bunting 4. coffee mug 5. knit heart pillow

1. heart jean shorts 2. I Am Yours necklace 3. heart tank 4. Tumbleweeds heart sunglasses

Shop on kiddos! :) ♥ Mallory


Tuesday Tunes - Postal Service Reunites!

Hello everyone!  Big news for fans of The Postal Service this week!  It was released that they will be reuniting as part of the 10 year anniversary for their only album, "Give Up."  What festival will they be at?  Only one of the largest and best music festivals around, Coachella!  Also, being released as part of the anniversary is a deluxe "Give Up" package that has everything you'd want, including live songs, NEW songs, and Iron & Wine's cover of "Such Great Heights."

When I told Mallory this news she said "I don't care where it is or how much, I am going!!!!"  I don't think we'll be making the trip to Coachella this year, but there is good news.  There are rumors they will be doing a few more shows and possibly some new music, too.  I know the new music rumor has been around for a while, but they're playing a reunion show!  That always seems to turn in to new music for bands.
Hopefully some of you make it to Coachella and see what a lot of people may not ever get a chance to see, The Postal Service LIVE. Visit their website for more info as it's released.  -Brian

WhoopTee Giveaway!

Have you heard about WhoopTee.com yet?  You can design your own tshirt on their website for a huge number or just a one off!  My friends Rachel and Sara have both collaborated with them to do giveaways, so I was pumped when Jeremy & team contacted me.  He asked if Brian and I would be interested in designing one each and doing a giveaway.  We said yes very fast then got to designing!

Here's how you can enter:
  • Go like WhoopTee on Facebook, then leave a comment on this blog post letting me know if you would like to win Brian's design or mine! This may be a contest between Brian & I...
  • If you want another entry tweet about this giveaway & leave a comment with your Twitter handle :)
  • You have until Tuesday the 29th to enter!  The giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry).

Good luck! xo, Mallory & Brian!



I guess you can tell that I've re-designed this space if you're reading this.  Sometimes you just get a little bored and need a change!  Well, I did a little watercolor painting for the banner, and built a nav bar with help from Elsie & Elise's Blog Design Love E-Course.  HTML is confusing kids, but the course really helped.  I plan on building picture archives next!  xo, Mallory


Tuesday Tunes - New Releases (with JT)

Hello friends.  Hope you are having a great week!  I really like the music choices for this week.  Just a heads up, I mention a former NSYNC member.

Harrison Hudson- American Thunder
This a great band with a great sound.  The first song comes in with some dirty guitar, and that's exactly how most albums should start (just kidding.  Not really).  I also like the simplicity of the album art for this record.  I fall easily for the packaging and design of products.

Indians - Somewhere Else
I think this is just two songs that released through the Spotify Sessions.  They both have a pretty dreamy sound.  It kind of reminds of some of Hellogoodbye's newer stuff, but less poppy.  Between the two tracks, I'd have to say Magic Kids is my favorite.
Justin Timberlake - Suit & Tie
How could I run a music post on here if I didn't mention JT's new song?  You can be honest with yourself, you love Justin.  Everyone does.  He's hilarious whenever he's on SNL and has an ability to make a pop song sound cooler than anyone else's.  Plus he had Jay-Z rap on this, and that's pretty solid after not releasing new music in like 5 years.  Enjoy! -Brian


School Studio - Senior Edition

If you would have asked me last Sunday if I was excited to go back to school I would have said, "are your crazy?  No way!"  Now that I'm back though I'm feeling excited to make my senior collection.  My classmates, teachers, and workspace are all very encouraging and inspirational.

In my third year I shared photos of my studio in this post.  Last spring I shared photos of my knitting studio in this post.  I can't believe it's my 5th and final year now!  I'm amazed at how slow but still long college has seemed.  Thanks for taking a look into my everyday :)


Back to the Drawing Board

Sometimes you get a mediocre review and you have to re-do some things.  Well, that was my Wednesday, so Thursday I went back to the drawing board, almost literally.  I was mad Wednesday, but it wasn't because my classmates didn't think I was done sketching yet, it was because I wasn't being true to myself.  I hope that my review today goes better!  I'm a lot happier anyway!  xo, Mallory


Wedding Plans - Bridal Wear

My dress arrived at the salon last Friday.  Of course I insisted we pick it up Saturday morning.  My mom, dad, sister Brittany, and her husband John came with me to pick it up.  My dad said he had to turn his head for a second so he wouldn't cry when I tried it on (he's the sweetest).  The bodice is pretty big, but my alterations seamstress worked miracles on Brittany's dress, so I have faith.

A few months ago I saw these Diane Von Furstenberg ballet flats with hearts on the toes.  I want to wear flats since Brian's shorter than me, but the hearts are perfect with the wedding decor.  I waited for a sale (via Shop Style), then purchased them as soon as the sale went up!  My mom and I also purchased veiling for her to make my veil.  I'm so excited! I can wear it all in 136 days!  -Malllory


Tuesday Tunes - Blend of Old & New

Hello everyone.  I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.  I know mine were pretty great!  I haven't been able to go out and find as much music as I wanted to over the holidays so this is a blend of new music and stuff I've been listening to for a long time.

The Lumineers- Self Titled
This a great indie/folk album.  It's got handclapping, gang vocals, and soothing guitar which is pretty much all I could ever ask for in a folk album.  I especially like "Classy Girls."
Anathallo- Canopy Glow
I've been listening to these guys for quite a few years now, and I know they were pretty popular in the indie scene for a long time.  One of their members is actually currently in the band Fun.  They're had great musicianship, and were really great at writing heartfelt songs.  As far as I know they broke up a few year ago which is kind of a shame.
The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl
I've been a bigger fan of the music from these guys over the vocals and lyrical content.  I think it's because it can go from some intricate guitar to slow and simple in a heartbeat.  It makes it fun not knowing what's going to happen next.  -Brian


Outfit- Snow Day Errands

Yesterday I ran some errands and this is what I wore:
Brian left his red Target beanie at my house, sweater is French Connection, jeans are the Gap, boots are Minnetonka (similar Minnetonka Booties), and belt is vintage YSL.

Sidenote: Did you guys see that YSL rebranded and lost to Y this year to be just Saint Laurent now?

Of course I couldn't resist playing in the snow while shooting these photos.  Thanks to my mom for braving the snow to shoot these.  Have you guys had a lot of snow too?  The night of Christmas we got like 6" then a few more a few days later!  Love, Mallory


Thoughts on Wedding Registries

One of the most exciting things about getting married (in my book) is nesting.  As I mentioned in this post Brian and I have collected a lot of vintage furniture and dishes to maximize spending & wedding gifts.  Even though he have furniture and dishes registering seemed overwhelming since we need a whole house of stuff!  Where do you start? With saving still in mind we came up with a strategy for registering.  I googled a lot, then we began with this checklist and unchecked anything we thought was unnecessary.  I also asked my mom what kitchen stuff was necessary since she loves cooking.  That took LOTS off the list.

We went to Crate and Barrel first, but at Target we were really surprised!  They had 80% of the things we registered for at Crate and Barrel, so we chose just Target.  We only chose stuff we absolutely loved at Target, so we decided to do a Registry 360 online too.  It's a The Knot website and you can register for something that's on any website with an applet (just like pinning to pinterest).  It consolidates other registries on there including Amazon, Macy's, etc.  Ours has stuff from Modcloth apartment, Amazon, stuff I've loved on Pinterest, and other random decor things.  I hope this helps some other engaged couples :)  -Mallory


A New Year 2013

This year is going to be a big one for me.  I'm graduating with my bachelors degree in fashion design in April.  I'm marrying Brian & moving in with him in May (starting to look at apartments already).  I'm also going to launch my online store.  Crazy!

I refuse to call them resolutions, but I do have a few other goals to help me be a better person:
  1. Get my business off to a profitable first year!!!
  2. Get organized- clean out my closets, donate unused items, and learn to not be a total mess.
  3. Build a schedule with a balance of blogging, creating, the boring side of business, and time off.
  4. Decorating a beautiful space with Brian.
  5. Start paying off my (overwhelming) school loans.
  6. Go to church more.
  7. Give more freely of my time/talents/treasures to those who need them more.
Whatever your goals are for this fresh start I wish success for you.  Love, Mallory
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