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  1. My name is Jody Bacon. I am the Cincinnati Showcase Director for an arts organization called, RAW: natural born artists.

    On July 11th, 2013, RAW: natural born artists, will be showcasing 40+ local artists in film, visual art, photography, fashion, sculpture, performance art, and hair & make-up design and I would like to invite you to attend and/or participate.

    To give you a bit more insight as to who RAW is and what we do... RAW is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public.
    RAW operates in 54 cities across the U.S and we are in the process of expanding to Canada and Europe.

    Every other month I hand-select and showcase 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, accessories, performing art, hair & makeup as well as Djs etc.
    We will be hosting 2-4 fashion shows, a visual artist gallery (20 artists), 2-4 live bands, a film screening and featured hair stylists, and makeup artists, as well as accessories designers.

    RAW's mission is to provide artists with tools, resources, and tremendous networking opportunities. We want artists to fight the good fight and promote themselves independently.

    We help them do this online and offline by bringing in a film crew and photographer to every event. Each artist gets a full media kit to promote their creations further and independently. We also have a plethora of other opportunities that we offer through the community both online and offline.

    All artists will be expected to contribute to ticket sales (20 tickets/artist @ $15 a piece). However, artists can also expect to keep 100% of the proceeds from their sales. In addition, all artists have the option to donate 10% of their tickets sales to a charity of their choosing.

    If you are open to learning more about this opportunity, please feel free to email me back at this address or call me at 513-278-8186. In the mean time, I encourage you to go ahead and visit our website, and get an idea of what we are all about.

    Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon!



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